11 Dinner Date Etiquette You Should Follow


First dinner date can be exciting at times.If you are going to go for a first date, you might be wondering what are the dos and don't on your date.I came across this interesting infographic by Bookatable on dinner date etiquette. 11 Dinner … [Continue reading]

Get Tested For STDs – Take Charge of Your Health


STDs, or Sexually Transmitted Diseases, can lead to long-term health complications, including sterility, infertility, cancer, and blindness, if left untreated. People commonly assume that they do not have STIs because they're not "that kind of … [Continue reading]

6 Tips For Getting the Girl of Your Dreams

getting the girl

Does the girl you like have a boyfriend? Then you need to read our tips for getting the girl of your dreams.Don’t think of it as a door closed, but instead a challenge. Just because this girl has a boyfriend, doesn’t mean she is happy or that she … [Continue reading]

Online Dating with STDs


You’ve learned you have an STD, figured out how to protect yourself, and learned how to manage your symptoms. Now you’re ready for the next hurdle - dating.Realizing you have an STD can be so upsetting that many people pretend they don’t have a … [Continue reading]

Online Dating with Social Media

social media online dating

Social media networking has become such a major part of everyone’s lives that it’s almost impossible to imagine every day interactions without it.Whether it’s taking a sneaky peek at Twitter whilst you’re at work, or browsing through Facebook on … [Continue reading]

How to Succeed at Online Dating

succeed online dating

Nowadays, more and more couples are finding each other online and it’s not hard to see why.Being able to search through hundreds of potential matches massively increases your chances of finding someone special before you’ve even met anyone in … [Continue reading]

Finding Love on the Road

finding love

As someone who spent 2.5 years travelling the world single, a secret part of me was interested in finding love on the road.There are many benefits of long-term travel, but it can get quite lonely when you are single and constantly meeting new … [Continue reading]

7 Tips On Creating The Perfect Online Dating Profile

creating online dating profile

Have you been looking for tips on how to create the perfect online dating profile?Just starting started online dating recently? Or you have been doing online dating for quite some time, but things does not work out in attracting potential … [Continue reading]

How to Choose An Engagement Ring: 5 Tips

engagement ring

Choosing an engagement ring is never an easy task.Of course, some couples end up doing it together, and occasionally a woman will even pick out her own ring following a proposal.But for men trying to pick out the perfect ring before … [Continue reading]

Older Women Dating Younger Men: 5 Tips

older women dating younger men

Older women dating younger men? They say that as a woman gets older the smaller chances she gets in terms of dating men particularly the younger ones.Is this true? What do you older girls say out there? Do you wish to agree or disagree? Whatever … [Continue reading]