10 Awesome Tips How To Spice Up Your Relationship

Struggling on how to spice up your relationship with loved ones? Looking for awesome tips that could bring your relationship to next level?

Many have tried doing different ways and strategies and yet a lot of them have just ended up with failure and disappointment in the end.

What could be the reason? Isn’t that challenging to spice your relationship with your partner?


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Craving for simple and easy ways to drive your partner crazy and spice up your relationship?


Spicing up your relationship is one of the most important aspects for a couple to stay longer. It’s a challenging task but needs to be tried.

Below are ten helpful points on how to spice up your relationship.

1) Romance Helps.

Before having any intimacy with your partner, you need to show that you appreciate, respect, and love him/her. You can do this by taking her to a nice dinner with a good number of compliments and extra kissing. Take note that adding a little romance helps to spice up your relationship.

2) Have Some Foreplay.

When you do this, you need to make sure that your partner gets one or more orgasms. Making your partner feel the glory of orgasms repeatedly, will make him/her want more intimacy as much as he/she can. For instance, guy should frequent stimulation of her clitoris is one of ways to spice your relationship.

3) Be Resourceful.

While you make love with your partner, always remember to do some ways to turn on your partner feelings. Make sure to give a good deal of orgasm and you can do this by making use of certain ‘tools’ like a vibrator or your tongue! You’ll be surprised when your partner will do you good favors in return.

4) Find Her G Spot.

Finding the G spot of a woman is a great idea but if you exclude the clitoris, your woman will never be happy, for sure! So, it is always advisable to find her G spot while constantly stimulating her clitoris. This will definitely result in an uproar to your woman’s drive.

5) Timing Between Orgasms.

As soon as your woman has had her first climax, continue stimulating the G spot excluding the clitoris. In time, the clitoris will have much more time for the stimulation. Be aware of the right timing for your woman’s next orgasm. Observe your girl’s reactions and body language so that you’ll know when she’s ready for another orgasm again.

6) Vibrators And Hands.

If your woman doesn’t like to use a vibrator, you may want to introduce her to a smaller one. If this doesn’t work, you can work with your hands with lots of finesse. Vibrators should not intimidate you both as they are excellent and superb tools that’ll help to spice up your relationship.

7) The Fellatio.

Going directly to the intercourse is fine but giving her fellatio is a better idea as long as she is greatly satisfied. If your girl says “Stop!” then this is a confirmation that you’ve given her a perfect job and she’s fully satisfied.

8) Let Her Return The Favor.

Allow her to work on your body as well. To spice up your relationship, the use of flavored oil or chocolate sauce on your dick or body works best for her.

9) Stimulation.

Teach your partner on some ways to self stimulate as you will be very busy with other things that can spice up your relationship during the intercourse.

10) Post Intercourse.

After the intercourse, you might feel very tired and want to sleep. Take time to kiss and hug her and share your affection towards your partner. That’ll make your partner understand you quite well as you doze to sleep after the great intercourse you just both had.

Many couples have suffered from a relationship that’s not working. It could be they are just lacking ways to spark up the flame.

With these easy simple and easy ways to spice up your relationship, anyone can bring their relationship last longer than ever before. Try them!

What do you think? Any interesting relationship tips to share on how to spice your relationship? Leave your questions and comments in the box below.


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