10 Signs That A Man’s Ready For Marriage

Guys, have you been wondering when you are ready for marriage, walk down the isle with the love of your life, spending quality and starting a family together?

A number of guy friend ask me about this discreetly during a couple of outing. I casually responded – “You will know when you are ready for marriage instead of asking round for advice”

Well there is no right or wrong timing when it comes to marriage.

Marriage is a commitment. It depends how serious you are towards your partner and whether are you serious to start the next live chapter together?

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Wondering kind of sign man has when he is ready for marriage?

Here are some sign that man should look for which indicated that you are ready for marriage

  • You are very much into her

No matter what she does, she seems to be so adorable to you at every angle, even if she teases you and your favorite collection of miniatures. You just can’t get yourself angry with her, and when she gives you the innocent yet mischievous grin, your heart melt like an ice cream in her hands.

  • You want to live your life with her by your side

You ponder a while. You both have been together for quite a while and you noticed something about her within this period, that she is someone very special to you. You want to share your life with her; bring her to your favorite vacations with you, bring her fine dining, and even to your business trips! You just can’t wait to get back to her whenever you are out of town.

  • You want to settle down

You are sick of parties. You see your friends enjoy partying aimlessly and getting involved with one-night stands, having no bigger ambition. You realize that you are different from them and you want something more than that. You want to settle down and have a steady life with your beloved partner.

  • You treat her family like your own

You can’t wait to meet her family and when you have met them, you embrace them as much as your girlfriend does. You attend to all her family functions together with her without complaining. You want your presence in your girlfriend’s life to be acknowledged and you know there is one last place to go!

  • You want her to be a mother of your little ones

You know that she will be able to bring them up as great men and women. You start thinking of the cute names for your future children with your girlfriend, and you laughed happily away with her.  .

  • You have the perfect wedding in your mind

You start thinking of the designer’s bridal shop; you plan to take your girlfriend to her favorite honeymoon place; you start thinking of the venue of your wedding, events etc.

  • You have the idea of what ring you will be getting for her

You walked into one of the Mikimoto outlet. You browsed the catalogs and asked for more information on how to get the perfect ring for your girlfriend. The ring that you chose shall reflect your taste and commitment in your relationship

  • You make plans for the future together with her

You have started discussing on which house to buy, which investment is better, retirement plans, education for children etc.

  • You start saving up

You have started doing your financial planning in a chart and calculate the costs of having a wife. You know that you need to bear the costs for the events on your wedding day as well. You will even choose to sell your favorite collections to get some cash or trade in your SLK for a cheaper one just to get some extra cash to finance the wedding, and you did it without obligations but smiling with satisfaction and hope.

  • You know that she is meant for you

You want to stop dilly-dallying and you know that she is the culmination of all dating experiences that have come before. You want to make her yours and so go ahead! Make her the happiest lady in the world!

If you have been showing signs mentioned above, it’s good indication that you are ready for your marriage.

What do you think? Any sign that a man is ready for marriage that I left out or you would like to share? Please leave them below. 

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