10 Ways To Make Her Fall For You

Guys, you would have probably heard a thousand pick up lines.  Especially with the hot selling tips by Neil Strauss, The Game and Rules of The Game which Anya wrote about not too long ago – “The Art Of Pick-Up”.

In fact, you would have probably even tried a few.  And let me guess… most (not all) did not work, did they?

Don’t you wish it is as easy as fairytales such as Cinderella, Beauty & The Beast, The Little Mermaid, Mickey & Minnie, Donald Duck & Daisy Duck… and the list goes on?

Picture Courtesy of Walt Disney Clipart

Picture Courtesy of Walt Disney Clipart

The key is… female is an interesting species that men have been trying so hard (too hard, sometimes) to find the best ways possible to approach and attract them for thousands of years.

You may have used all the tricks up your sleeves to try to grab their attention.  Some would buy the girl a drink.  Some would show off their muscles and toned body, while others would try a string of corny pick up lines.

In reality, all these so-called tricks can be counterproductive.  Girls, especially attractive ones, get offered drinks and hear standard pick up lines every night they go out.

These lucky girls are used to this attention and see guys flaunting themselves in front of them all the time.  It is a standard issue for them, and if you use the same methods… can you imagine that they would be thinking, “Oh, another desperate guy trying to get in my pants…”

As a girl standing by the fence watching, let me tell you, guys… do not fall into this trap.  I would share these tips with you, but before you even consider these tips, make sure you genuinely care for her.

1. Make Her Notice You
If she does, then the easy part is over. Smile, exchange glances and keep an eye contact.

2. Engage In A Conversation Sincerely
Smile and be friendly… and make sure you know what you’re talking about.

3. Slow Down And Keep Your Cool
If she gives you her number, perfect! But do not beg for it. Call her when you get her number (but not too much). Some days, let her have a chance to call you. This shows that both of you are willing to keep in contact.

4. Compliment Her
When she does something smart or kind, but do not be overly generous with your compliments.

5. Know Her
You don’t necessarily have to be her best friend, but do be a friend who listens to her feelings and thoughts. Learn about her childhood, her likes and dislikes, and again do not over ask.

6. Share About Each Other
But keep your poise – you’ll seem weak to her – unless she asks you to pour yourself, then it’s a green light.

7. Be Friends With Her Family
Being a family friend is a good start – visit her family and start a good conversation and build relationships.

8. Get Her A Small Gift
Do not get her the world on its knees. Need gift ideas? It can be a pretty keychain, bookmark with meaningful quotes, nice marbles, and flowers (the safest).

9. Be Her Friends’ Friend
Meeting her friends means you’re one step up. This means she’s willing to accept you into her life.

10. Be Your True Self
It’s the simplest, but it’s also often the hardest one to achieve. Just by being you is a 100% sure way to knowing if you are meant to be or not.

The fundamentals are the same for everyone.  It’s just that women are hard to please… if you do less, they think you care less; and if you do more, they think you are desperate.

Hence, the key is moderation.  And remember women are different – what works for one doesn’t always work for the other.  Keep your creativity flowing for an exciting mission with the girls!

What do you say?  Looking forward for more ideas from you, guys (and girls too)!

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  1. Great article, Jamie.

    Well, I guess the more trials and failures will definitely give you an edge over your peers. Like what’s that book?…Right, we must “Dare to fail”. :)

    So what if one or two girls (or guys) rejected you? You are not bound to be loved by everyone! There is always another girl (and guy).

    Melvin Tong’s last blog post..Gmail’s POP Access Locked due to Captcha

  2. Hi Jamie! It’s great to see the ‘other’ writer side of you being expressed! I’ll always remember how Clint dropped the ‘love’ bomb. He said ‘there’s something about you that drives guys crazy and you know it.’ LOL! I’ll always remember that line, AND how clueless I was after heading it!

    Another time early on in his ‘pursuit’ he sent me an sms in portuguese that was addressed to a ‘Linda’, and figured it was meant for one of his many flames. So I promptly deleted it, only to learn later on that ‘linda’ in portuguese means beautiful, and that he had asked if I wanted to come over and eat some spaghetti that he’d made that afternoon for dinner!

    Gotta love him :)

    • Liz, thanks for dropping by! YEAH, you definitely have something that even drives the girls crazy… you have so much energy in you.

      Aawwwww…. what Clint did was really sweeeeet! How can you not fall for him, right? *wink*

      jamie’s last blog post..two sides of a door

  3. Hey Jamie,how are you today? Im currently on the move so ill shout out a short comment this time.

    all the tips you gave are certainly true and helpful and in a the dating world,theres must be failures,but the point is you have to keep on trying and learn from all your mistakes…

    TipsGoda’s last blog post..How To Know If a Guy Likes a Girl? 20 Signs That He’s Just Into You!

    • TipsGoda… you’re right. There are many tips that work… we’ll just need to find a few that we’re comfortable with and that works for us… Anything and everything is possible *wink*

      jamie’s last blog post..two sides of a door

  4. Keep everything Simple,Fun and Magical *winks* :D my point of view is always the same… be yourself.. approach he/she you like with sincerity and always be honest… use the things and tips that are comfortable for you, very simple right ? so just do it lol Good luckkk !!

    • yeah, simple rite…? but it really takes a lot of courage to walk up to a person to cook up a smart conversation and to create a great first impression. so, well… practice makes perfect *high five*

      jamie’s last blog post..two sides of a door

  5. A thought which I like to hold about the advice in this article is that if you do those things, even if you don’t win her heart you will likely gain a friend, which is a wonderful thing. I think the love between friends can be a pure, unconditional love which I would rank even more highly than romance, obviously in one’s ideal partner one would have both! :-)

    Ken’s last blog post..20090101-IMGP5341

  6. Marbles? Wtf…

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