3 Power Dating Tips For Shy Guys

So, many says you’re a shy guys. Can you make a confirmation about that?

Not anymore because a lot of people around you know you well. The fact that many people know about this characteristic of yours is already a confirmation that you really are one of the troubled guys on earth who are thinking how to overcome this problem.

The problem swells even more at the time you want to go dating with the girl or girls of your dream like what any other guys do. But since you are a shy guys, you are inhibited to do that stuff.

Poor guy! But you should worry no more. It’s about time to work on your weak points particularly on your being a shy guys. In the end, you’ll find it easy to deal with your ‘troublesome’ character and go dating with your girl easily without hassle.

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Looking for dating tips for shy guys and want to date with ease?


Shy guys often feels ashamed to ask a girl for a date. The following are three power dating tips that will help you overcome the barrier that stops you from dating the girl of your dreams.


1. Be Confident

Shy guys often pretends he has the confidence but the truth is that he doesn’t have. Don’t be bothered. All it takes is practice. Remember that everything can be learned and developed. If you are a guy who lacks confidence, learn to build one for yourself because you need it in any ways.

To do this, put yourself into a play; walk straight to the person you are interested in and say “hi” or “hello.” If the girl says “no” then you can move to another lady. Remember that this is only a play. You’ll be glad that after two or three trials, you can sense that your confidence is developed at some extent. If the ladies say “no” then you don’t deserve them to be you leading lady. Move to another one. It’s as simple as that.


2. Stand Straight!

For how many times your teacher or your mom told you that you should always remember not to slouch? Keep this in mind: even a primate does not tend to bend in a slouch when he looks around for his mate. A male ape often shows to his mate that he is strong and he shows this by beating his chest. But this does not necessarily mean that you have to do the same thing. Instead, you should stand up straight and stick your chest out when meeting a girl. Simply, make them hear how you roar with that confident posture of yours!


3. Just Smile

Shy guys seldom smiles, don’t you? Shy guys often nervous, amiable with that? But you need to know that smiling is important. After you have gained the confidence have practiced how to stand up straight, learning to smile is the last but not the least thing you need to incorporate in your system. Remember that when a person smiles, he becomes attractive and friendly to look at. Smile gives the air of confidence in you and that is what you need to project.

If you are a shy guy going to a date, take time to practice the three dating tips above.

Now if it so happens that you always get “no” for an answer, do not be despaired. Move to another. Develop everything that makes you remarkable. Times and people change but your confidence will definitely grow.

What do you think? Any other tips to share for shy guys? Leave a comment below.

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  1. am really a shy guy.der is diz girl am vri much interested in but dont hav da gut to even mention her name though.gush sumbody help me

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