4 Tips How to Play Hard to Get With a Girl

We guys often do the chasing to the girls around us and these girls simply love being chased by the boys and tend to play hard to get in the process.

It can be a lot of fun on the part of the girls being the focus of attention of these crazy guys but don’t you boys out there think that women should not be the only ones who always get the piece of cake? Do you think that it is only girls who have the capability to play hard to get with a guy? Of course, not!

To be fair with the girls, they often play hard to get with the guys they are interested in and not with the ones they are not fond of. The same rule holds true with us guys who, this time will take ourselves on the center stage and be the ones who will play hard to get with those naughty girls.

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Do We Guys Really Play Hard to Get or We Are Just Uninterested? Or Aren’t Brave Enough to Say So?


The following are few important tips you guys should keep in mind in case you intend to play hard to get to the girls around you.


The “Feeling Busy” Excuse


Guys are considered as busy bees and flowers always wait for the bees to come to them. But this time, the bees don’t want to appear to these flowers so they keep on waiting for the bees to come all day long. Geez, keep this in mind: if girls are busy then guys are equally busy too!

If you often call, send text messages, and emails but you get no answer at all then this is a strong indication that the guy is not interested on you! Ouch! They’re just modest to tell you frankly about the way they feel towards you. But if they are interested on you, they will surely answer your call or messages no matter how busy they are. So guys, this is just an effective way to play hard to get with girls.


The “You’re too good for me but you deserve someone better” Style


If a guy is interested to a girl and want to play hard to get, he would tell the girl that he is not good for her and she deserves someone better. This will help the guy gauge the true feeling of the girl towards him.

If the girl becomes sad with your speech then this play hard to get drama of yours simply works! It can also be a nice excuse to modestly express that you are not interested to a particular girl who does not interest you at all.

The Frequent Skip to a Girl’s Invitations


To play hard to get, you can say no to a girl’s invitation in a discreet manner. If the girl feels much interested on you and you to her, you can assess her feelings towards you if she keeps insisting her invitation to you.


The “I’ve a GF” Excuse


When we guys say we have a girlfriend, it can only be pictured in two ways: it’s either you have one or you really don’t have any. If a girl learns that a guy has a GF then this can break her heart, really.


There are actually many ways to play hard to get and you might have some on your mind. If you want to play hard to a girl, then the above-mentioned ways can help you, indeed!


Any thoughts? If you have any question and comment, feel free to leave them below. 

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