5 Effective Ways To Break Up With A Girl

A lot of people all over the world would definitely agree that break up with someone you love is definitely a very hard thing to do in regardless break up with a guy or girl. This is especially true with guys who want to break up with their girlfriend.

It’s indeed a challenging task wherein every guy doing it should have that good ounce of courage and the tender ways of doing the break up procedure so that the girl won’t get hurt that much. This is going to be a tough challenge for all the guys out there planning to break up with their girlfriends!

Are there really ways for guys to break up with girls without causing them pain?

There is actually no way for a girl to get rid of pain the moment her boyfriend breaks up with her. However, there are few guidelines that will help a guy handle a break up procedure the right and subtle way without causing much pain on the part of the girl.

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Here are some simple break up plans that will help you come up with an easy and not-so-painful break up with your girlfriend.


  • Make Yourself Prepared For The Drama

Women don’t want to hear they weren’t that good enough in a relationship. When a guy breaks up with his girlfriend, he will expect a multitude of emotions which may include anger, crying, and tears. In short, the break up is going to cause your girlfriend to do some drama as her natural reaction. Stay calm and never be affected by all of her emotions.

  • Make Sure Your Girlfriend Is the First To Know

This is a very important consideration for all the guys out there planning to break up with their girlfriends. On the part of the girl, being the first to know about the break up will help her save her feelings. Never ever mention it to other people before talking about it with her.

  • Find A Private Or A Secluded Place

Breaking up with a girlfriend in a house or other public places is indeed a worst thing for the both of the guy and the girl. As mentioned earlier, breaking up entails a good amount of drama so the best thing for you to do first is to choose a better place wherein you can have your break up plan executed. A good example of a secluded and neutral place is the beach wherein both of you can have privacy particularly in easing out the pain caused by the break up.

  • Keep The Procedure Simple And Short

Avoid mentioning her faults; instead, you have to encourage her that she can find another guy who will be very happy with her traits and personality. You need to tell her you just feel sad about your relationship which isn’t working and that you should also show signs of sadness in the process.

  • Be Firm And Strong

If you have concrete reasons to break up with your girl then you have to be strong enough whatever happens.
Hard feelings and emotions may abound when you are trying on how to get over a break up. You have to stay firm and keep up with your decision to the end.

What do you think? Would you like to share some personal experience about breaking up with a girl? Please leave them below.

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