5 Sizzles to Hot Kisses

Do you remember those wonderful words spooning, necking, making out and first base?

For the last two decades, the fine art of kissing has been upstaged by other amorous encounters.

Perhaps now more than ever we need some guidelines to reacquaint us with that old black magic.

But there’s more than just knowing how to sizzle up every single kiss.

The most important is… when it comes to kissing, are you a lip-smacker or a jaw-breaker?

As with all things ethereal, it is best to describe what makes someone a great kisser by identifying what doesn’t.

So, here’s my suggested list of kissers you shouldn’t be:

1. The Distant Kisser

This poor unfortunate is more content with simply planting a kiss on your lips so that you never get any sensual contact.

All you get is the horrible popping sound. Well, this person is probably afraid of intimacy.

2. The Ear Driller

A probing tongue flicking within the confines of the ear can be very titillating. But the Ear Driller spends all the time digging deeper and deeper into your ear.

Such intimate doings can be a real bonus during sex, since the motion is penetrating and evocative of the sex act itself, but this type of kisser has trouble relaxing and responding to casual foreplay.

3. The Vampire

With this cad, necking takes on an entirely new connotation. This sucker devotes all the attention to the soft sensitive area under the chin, below the ears and the cherished terrain around the voice box.

Proving to be a true leech, you’ll be left with hickeys everywhere as testaments of undying (or is that undead?) devotion and visible scars of your previous night’s passion.

4. The Bug Eye

If you haven’t run into this glaring nightmare, you’re lucky. Looking into someone’s eyes while you’re kissing can make a soulful encounter, especially if the moment is full of passion and wonder.

But the Bug Eye cannot shut their eyes at all. You’ll be intimidated by the great big startled eyes staring directly into yours, causing you embarrassment, dizziness and fatigue.

5. The Grand Canyon

This is the worst kind of kisser (at least to me). The jaws are opened so wide that you can see down the throat. This person is so tight up, with the gigantic mouth pressing against yours, while leaning tightly against your body. You are being devoured, drowning in their mouth.

What about those extra touches that help make kissing even better? As every kissing connoisseur knows, there’s more to great kissing than just puckering up. Here are some terrific tips on how you can make every kiss as passionate and thrilling as your first:

“Do I know you?”

Think of your lover as a stranger. According to many anthropological studies, the stranger the person from another ‘clan or tribe’ is thought to possess extraordinary sexual energy. The next time you kiss, try to imagine that you are meeting your lover for the first time.

“Oh, I love your…”

Become fascinated with some delightful aspects of your lover and focus on it. If you can become obsessed with some aspect – the delicate flecks of light in his eyes, or the curve of the neck – you will magnify that aspect out of all proportion and the person will appear new to you.

“I’ve never played this game before”

Do not anticipate. Sometimes lovers get into a rut, anticipating the usual patterns their lovemaking takes. Tell yourself that you’re not going to go on in your usual way and that you’re simple going to dally and play for a while. Take your time.

“It’s getting hot in here”

Get close enough to the other person so that your feelings take control. The key is to get within kissing distance so close that you can feel the body heat. Make believe you see something in your lover’s eyes. Or step up to him and ask what he thinks of your perfume. Anything to get close will do a trick.

“Can we kiss?”

Catch your lover’s eye when you’re out together. You’ll know if she wants to be kissed… when she’s standing close, smiling warmly and holding eye contact. And girls, you can often tell if a man wants to kiss you by looking at his eyes. If he’s staring at your mouth, he’s ready.

As you experiment on your hot smooches… enjoy Kiss Me by Sixpence None The Richer

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How do you keep your kisses steaming hot?

Is there any kisser who drives you up the neck?

Or a kisser who drives you crazily wanting for more?

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