5 Ways How To Save Your Marriage

You’re crying again because you’re troubled by the thought of how you could save your marriage. Perhaps you have already tried many different ways but unfortunately, you find those ways as something not useful to you or to your marriage either.


The thought of losing your other half is simply a horrible and painful way of living a married life. Although you love your spouse that much, the problem persists and you find it inevitable to think that you know when your marriage is over.


Marriage is over – it’s such a lonely phrase which entails sadness, depression, stress, and hopelessness in this life. But hey! It’s not the end of the world yet. You might be thinking that it is you alone who suffers from this kind of predicament. Definitely, not! The world is round and so big it’s filled with many people trying their best to save their marriage like you.

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Have You Been Looking for a Long Time Now on the Ways to Save Your Marriage?


And for you to know, a lot of these people have had found success in saving their marriage. With the 5 ways listed below, you can save your marriage easily.

#1 Send Your Spouse a Love Letter

Who says that love letters are only for the singles? If your marriage is currently on the brink of separation, why don’t you send your partner a mail, preferably a love letter? Through that love letter, you can express how greatly in love you are to your partner. Reminisce the good old days you spent together especially the first day you met or when the two of you promised not to part ways under that old oak tree. Mail the letter without a return address and wait for your partner’s response. You will surely become amazed by how powerful that single letter has been in helping you save your marriage!


#2 Plan Together

To help save your marriage, you need to set a particular time, say one evening to talk about your future plans. Talk about what each of you wants in this life. Think of ways on how you can help your spouse achieve his/her plans. According to Zig Ziglar, “a person can have everything he wants in his life if he helps other people get what they really want”.


#3 Spend a Few Moments a Day Talking Together

This aims not to drag you both or force you to do such thing. In fact, this is a correct and a sure way to save your marriage. Say, spend at least ten or fifteen minutes a day talking together. You can make this move as something fun. Take a walk together, go to a dinner, watch the sunset, etc. All of these will help your marriage grow and you will be grateful you did it!


#4 Do New Things Each Day

Doing new things each day can help you get rid of a marriage rut. New things don’t have to be extravagant; say, learn a new recipe, watch a movie or a TV program together, plant and pick flowers in the garden, climb up a hill together, and others. In fact, any new route of work can help you come up with something new. Buy your partner flowers (men too). A bouquet of flowers that costs a few dollars can save your marriage worth more than a fortune.


#5 Stop Doing What Your Spouse Doesn’t Like and Keep Doing What He/She Likes

This is plain and simple. You just need to find out the things that turn your spouse off. After you have learned them, get rid of them in a way he/she will notice it. On the other hand, find out the things which he/she really likes and keep on doing them in front of him/her. This way, you will surely end up in a successful way to save your marriage.


So, stop worrying now. Think that life and marriage are like a wheel and you’re at the bottom part today but with the 5 ways above, you can save your marriage and find yourself at the top the soonest possible time. Good luck!

What do you think? Any personal experience on how to save your marriage? Leave your questions and comments below.

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