6 Tips For Getting the Girl of Your Dreams

Does the girl you like have a boyfriend? Then you need to read our tips for getting the girl of your dreams.

Don’t think of it as a door closed, but instead a challenge. Just because this girl has a boyfriend, doesn’t mean she is happy or that she isn’t interested in you.

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Looking For Tips For Getting The Girl of Your Dream?


There are a number of ways you can getting the girl to like you, including learning to be romantic until you make her fall in love with you!

1) Be her friend

Being a girl’s friend is a great way to get her to notice you and to begin to trust you. A majority of relationships begin with friendship and then progress onto something more serious.

When a girl has a boyfriend it generally means she’s not looking, but if someone comes along she simply cannot refuse, well that’s a different story.

Being her friend is the first step to getting the girl to like you.

2) Don’t be a push over

It’s important that you are her friend, but you don’t want to end up in her friend zone where she thinks of you as so special to her she’d never want to date you because it could ruin the relationship.

Be available to be her friend, but not so available you jump at every opportunity to see her. This is really important in getting the girl of your dreams.

3) Don’t talk about other girls

If you talk to her about other girls, it’s not going to make her jealous, it’s going to make her think you’re not interested in her.

Yes, you shouldn’t be interested in her because she has a boyfriend, but that isn’t the end of things.

If you talk about other girls she will automatically think you are not interested and stick with her boyfriend because at least he likes her.

4) Do romantic things with her

Don’t cross the line of a friend, but take her out to dinner, do nice things with her, show her that you know how to treat a girl.

Perhaps her boyfriend is not treating her as well as she liked, or maybe she just deserves better. Find a fine line between being her friend and spoiling her, as this will make her see you in a different light.

5) Take some time away from her

Don’t always be available to her, otherwise she might start to take you for granted. Spend time with other people and don’t jump at every opportunity to see her.

This will make her realize how much she loves spending time with you and wants you to be her boyfriend.

6) Get close

Get close to her without getting too close. If someone’s into you, you can usually tell.

Watch a movie on the couch together close, go out drinking and dance with her when you can. These little moments of closeness will ignite her curiosity for you.


Ultimately there is nothing you can do to win or getting the girl of your dreams if she has a boyfriend unless she is unhappy with him.

Be a good friend, be romantic, be funny, get close to her but do not be too available and if she’s interested in being with you then this will make it happen.

Any thoughts you have in mind for getting the girl of your dreams? Share us your comments below.

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