6 Ways to Keep Up with the World

When you’re in a relationship, it gets a little bit trickier trying to keep track of things. You’re engrossed with your partner a bulk of the time, and before you know it, you’re behind on your school/work, you’ve missed too many appointments and dates with your family and friends, and you’re in a rut. Dates become unimaginative, dates become monotonous, and you’ve started taking your partner for granted. It’s really easy to lose track and romance if you’re constantly in a comfort zone.

Picture taken from Imagine.com

Picture taken from Imagine.com

To avoid becoming yet another typical person in a relationship, we’ve devised ideas for a few things you and your partner can do to keep things exciting, and at the same time, make sure your schedule goes as planned.

1)      Go out on dates

When getting all dolled and dressed up becomes too taxing, it’s inevitable that you decide you’d much rather stay in with a pint of ice cream, a good movie, and your beau. While that’s time together, we’ve all got to come to term with the fact that in truth, this can’t be considered a date and while work may sometimes exhaust you, prove to yourself that this isn’t getting old and if you could once ignore that fatigue, you’ll do it again. Really, a couple of nights a week isn’t too much to ask…

2)      Go out on dates with friends and other couple

On top of being able to fulfill Idea #1, this only just makes things easier and kills two birds with one stone by being able to fit your friends in! That way, your friends can’t complain that you haven’t been seeing enough of them, and you can start introduce your partner to your circle of friends – and consequently, brag a little. :D

3)      Living away every now and then

This might be a little difficult for cohabitating/married couples, but surely, you must have a family member in the area or a friend who’s game for a sleepover? You may not want to be apart, but a little time to be an individual ensures that you don’t become one of those annoying couples that go ‘we’ and not ‘me’, and if you’re already at each other’s throats, this might be just what you need to avoid going over the edge.

4)      Time to catch-up

Whether it’s about family, friends, work, or that long-overdue dentist appointment, a little time to keep things in order is essential. While you’re now sharing your life with someone else, it doesn’t necessarily mean that everybody else wants to share you with another person and so a little time without your partner, but your family and friends instead, will keep your relationships up-to-date. This applies to work as well. Start spending a little less time meeting up with him, and meet those deadlines!

5)      Trying something new monthly

While just heading out for a dinner and a movie is traditional and safe, this probably only applies to Date 1. After some time, it just becomes boring and predictable. Go horseback-riding, play a few games of tennis, or buy a board game – there are plenty of options out there, and the only thing in the way is your motivation to explore this plethora of options. Even if you can’t afford to splurge, small activities can widen your experiences and urges you to create new ideas and learn more about your partner.

6)      Trying something your partner suggests

They say you can only judge someone after you’ve walked a mile in their shoes. While that might not lead up to my exact point, you can still learn plenty about someone by engaging in some of the things they do. If he suggests you take a minute to play a PS3 game with him, maybe it’s about time you realized that it wouldn’t kill you if you tried. And if she invites you to watch an SATC marathon, open your mind to new information and get on the couch. If it gets unbearable, remind yourself that it’s – at least – a new activity, and if things go well, you’ve just found yourself a new hobby! :D

Enjoy, and remember that being in a relationship doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to fall of the edge of the Earth!

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  1. great points, anya. being married can be a challenge, but we give space to each other for girls’ night out, and vice versa. i believe that keeps the relationship healthy, because we don’t just focus on each other, we have other people who make our lives complete too…

    jamie’s last blog post..am i…?

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