7 Heavenly Ways To Win HER Heart

I thank God for wonderful parents-in-law, who support us physically and emotionally.  And most importantly, accepting me as who I am, because I ain’t perfect.  While most of my friends complained about their parents-in-law, particularly wife who married the son of her mother-in-law (MIL).

Well, MIL – she comes as a package deal with the man you fell in love with, but…

Is there tension between both of you?

Does she constantly criticize and insult you (in front of the rest of the family)?

Has she expressed her disapproval right in your face?

Courtesy Of New Line Cinema

Courtesy of New Line Cinema

As depicted on Monster-In-Law, having a nasty mother-in-law is a difficult situation to deal with. You may not know how long you can bear with the torment, but remember that your selfless actions will help keep the peace in your family.

Here are simple steps to try to improve your relationship with her:

  1. Relax. You do not need to get all tensed up in her presence. Be as casual as you can, you’ll win over the situation if you do not react to all her outright mean intentions.
  2. Sit down for a talk with your MIL. Make it clear to her that this talk is not a personal attach but to improve the relationship between the two of you.
  3. Next, tell her that the two of you don’t have to like each other but you have to try to get along for the sake of the family.
  4. Then, explain to her that if the relationship between the two of you is toxic, it will affect the rest of the family.
  5. When a situation arises between the two of you, try your level best NOT to lose your temper.
  6. Chill. Do not let her get on your nerves. Remember that most men will listen to mum when deciding their choice of life partner. Most times, they are listening but not exactly putting mum’s advice into practice.
  7. DO NOT  step on her tail. At least, do not make a long grudge list and complain to others about your MIL.

Do your best to improve your relationship with your MIL. You can also buy gifts that interest her during their anniversaries, seasonal celebrations and especially her birthday.

But if you have done all you can and it has not worked, then your MIL can do nothing but suffer the consequences of her actions. Sometimes, you may not be able to earn their blessing and respect right away. You may think it is unlikely to change them, but always keep the faith and never ever give up. If you have been nice and polite, they will open their heart (because hearts are warm) and arms to welcome you, eventually (even if it takes years and years).

Do you have the perfect marriage but the worst mother-in-law?
Have you successfully won her heart over?
How did you handle her hostility?

Looking forward to hear from you…

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  1. Prior to my marriage with the girl of my dreams, during the courtship period that is, my MIL showed all sorts of actions and words that told me unmistakably that she hated me. I would suffer the most embarrassing insults when we get to their house at 10 pm after watching a movie. She said, it was already very late in the evening (as if we were not living in the middle of the city). Well, I am the passive type of guy. I don’t answer back. But I also do not care to make any move to make myself friendlier to her. Never even entertained the thought that any of the above 7 steps could possibly make things better. Anyway, a few months after the wedding, I noticed a drastic turn around in her attitude to me. It was then that I understood that this is natural among MILs. Theirs is some sort of natural instinct to protect their brood from some perceived threat. Subconsciously, she fears her daughter is going to be taken away from her by this man to whom her daughter is showing so much affection to. She was protective and jealous at the same time. Eventually, they get to understand things better and accept the circumstances.

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