7 Hot Tips To Nurture A Healthy Relationship

Do you have a beautiful relationship?

Are you experiencing cloud-nine love?

Is your lover a romantic prince charming?

If you answered yes to all the above, here’s a question for a thought:

How do you maintain your beautiful relationship healthy?

For many of us in a relationship, we want and expect the same thing from our lovers.

We look for lovers who are:


Wouldn’t you agree that relationships are difficult to maintain when they are filled with conflict, negativity and suspicion.

Montgomery, Cole and Bradac, and Canary and Stafford mentioned in Relational Maintenance that people in long term relationship tend to:

1. Go slow, but consistent

Relationships usually work best when people take their time and go slow while focusing on getting to know each other. Relationships that started as easily as a flicker of a lighter usually end in disaster as the spark dies off just as easily.  Lovers who take it slow are more consistently supportive and encouraging, avoiding inconsistent behaviour that causes misunderstandings and uncertainty.

2. Keep things cheery

When lovers express a positive and cheerful attitude towards each other, it keeps the relationship excited.  Showing happiness and affection truthfully goes a long way when trying to make the relationship work.  On the other hand, relationships mostly fail when it is infested by indifference, anger, pretentious, unforgiving and negativity. In actual fact, even the slightest presence of negativity can create a whole lot of problems. It is best to deal with negative feelings in a positive way.

3. Tackle and solve problems together

You’ll be surprised the magic of approaching problems and difficulties together… it will make you feel closer and more satisfied with one another. You’ll be surprised that your relationship is much happier in the long run when you take an US approach rather than YOU or ME, and overcome the obstacles together as a team.

4. Appreciate each other

As illustrated in The 8 Phase Of Dating, people appreciate all the things that their partners do for them at the beginning of a new relationship.  In due course, lovers typically take each other for granted as time goes on. To keep a relationship happy and healthy, it is important not to take each other for granted, but to show appreciation consistently.

5. Value differences

Although we support ‘opposite attraction’, many lovers would agree that relationships work the best when lovers have a lot in common.  So, you need to respect and appreciate the differences that do exist. You’ll find it so much easier to accept and appreciate your lover for who they really are, rather than trying to change them or how they behave.

6. Be friendly and open

Lovers need to be able to talk and communicate freely.  It is important to share your feelings and what is going on in your life with each other because it requires telling the TRUTH and to LISTEN to things that may be difficult to hear.  Learning to listen in order to UNDERSTAND each other is the essence of having a satisfying relationship.

7. Show love and commitment

When lovers reassure each other of their love and commitment, the relationship will work the best.  It is like a constant reminder that you are loved, and they are loved as well.  When you love someone, it never hurts to tell them that you love them and that you will always be there for them.

We hope these tips will help you to nurture a healthy relationship… feel free to share your viewpoints too.

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  1. In my opinion,

    I like first tips on going slow and consistent…nowadays, people tends to be get “spark” or “click” very fast with someone without knowing or understanding him/her further..it is like jumping into swimming pool without knowing the depth of it..and did it based on emotion and not thoughts…rite? :)

    And not only that, some of them “jump” into it very fast and end the “game” abruptly like maybe few weeks, some even few days or hours… :)

    • yeah, exactly… that’s why “fools rush in”

      although some may turn out well, but not many will survive through the first “turbulence”.

      well, if you’r choosing for someone you’ll be living your lifetime with, why not give yourself more time to choose, right? *wink*

      jamie’s last blog post..huh?!

  2. I like tip number 2. I think we forget to be nice after some time, and unconsciously take partners for granted.

    Anya’s last blog post..Top 10 Break-up Songs

  3. Anya, it just reaffirms how weak our memry is… =) also human are not perfect, so we can’t over-expect our lovers, right?

    jamie’s last blog post..huh?!

  4. Refering to tip no1. I belief and argee we must 1st know that person longer before we get serious in a relationship, just like what you said, to start a relationship with a spark is like jumping into a swimming pool without knowing how deep and end up drowing yourself.

    Just a short sharing:
    Last year,I was in this basketball court and i show this couple. His girlfriend would just sit there for hours to see him play basketball.

    A year later,Last week, I meet them again in the same place, and they are still together and the girl still keep on doing that (siting and watching her bf playing basketball).

    How amazing is a love.
    =) shinchan

    ShinChan’s last blog post..Weather Report

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