A Knight To Remember

Every girl has heard the story of Sir Galahad and his cape, and if they haven’t, well, then, it’s time for a sit-down. We’ve learned from a young age that a true gentleman opens doors, pulls out chairs, and puts his lady before himself. We’ve seen this concept magnified, from Disney movies romantic comedies, and we’ve yet to have even met the man, but we’re already madly in love with the idea.

Every girl has this dream buried back in the deepest, darkest corners in her mind, and although the standard isn’t set, she can only hope that she does indeed, someday, meet this kind of guy – you know, the one who makes her foot pop (think Anne Hathaway). Unfortunately, however, as reality sinks in, think about the last time you saw a boyfriend pull out a chair for his girl, or witnessed a random guy keeping the door open for the next woman who was about to walk in. Chances are, none, unless of course, he’s borderline middle-aged.

I don’t know what it is about this particular generation, but I have only heard of a handful of guys who do these things. Something that’s supposed to be in men what the nurturing nature is to the fairer sex is a depressing rarity these days, and while some guys are still rather polite (read: some), most are just downright rude and uncouth.

Women wear lipstick, carry babies, and call their male friends to lift heavy things, so where are those who still embrace the traditional role of letting a woman walk in front of him – not because he wants to check out her ass, but because he respects her? What happened to the guy who opens a door and lets the lady through first? If anything, women are treated worse now than they were hundreds of years ago, because back then, we were placed way up high on that pedestal.

Knights would ask women to wear their favors, and it was a privilege (not a right!) to get underneath those plenty skirts. In conversations with my mother, she has mentioned many times that back then, it was unheard of for the guy to be picked up, and despite the years, I still think they had it right back then. Modernity murdered chivalry, and it went unnoticed. If the guy is courting you, shouldn’t he be willing to take the monorail train through every last stop and back if you really are that important? Are you losing out if he doesn’t?

I’m no feminist on a mission to have all girls go on strike. I love men, I adore them, and I’m only saying these things to help.

Memo: Girls don’t talk about the richest guys they’ve dated or the ones who were best in bed. Pardon, they’re vaguely mentioned through the course of a conversation, but wouldn’t you rather be the main agenda than a topic merely passing through?

We remember the men who make us feel special – not by buying us pretty things, but by showing relentlessly, consistently, and sincerely that we are admired and adored. We talk about those who put us first in a way so fond, that the girl who dates him should really count her blessings because she’d be hard-pressed to find someone better. We work hard for the ones who insist on working harder for us – and really, holding a door open for an extra lousy two seconds isn’t exactly rocket science, is it? What’s that compared to all the loving she’ll give you later on?

That’s just something to think about the next time you take a girl out on a date. Of course, I doubt she’d complain if you bought her that pretty Rolex in the window as well!

Any thought about this post, do feel free to use the comment form below to express your personal thoughts.  :)

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  1. i agree with the post..but sometimes,things puzzles me..

    why most nice guys get rejected by girls,(throwing them in her ‘lets just be friends’ list) and they end up with some ‘bad boy’?

    now if you answer that,maybe that answers the post.;)

    tipsgoda’s last blog post..Jim Carrey in ‘Yes Man’.What Lovers Can Learn From The Movie?

  2. TIPSGODA: Haha! I get where you’re coming from. Most times, it’s the good guys who make that dreaded ‘Just Friends’ list, and girls wind up dating guys who are horrid for them. I notice though, that it helps to keep a firm stand and continue courting the girl, making it clear that while guys are interested in being the safety net, they’re also available emotionally. Try Hitch’s back gesture. :) Girls are as attracted to danger and mystery as they are nice guys – unfortunately, the former gets noticed a lot more.

  3. Great idea. How exactly would I go about doing this

  4. Anya, thanks for the good write up.


    For the “Just be friends” list, it is not really bad as it is. May be, the girls would like to observe the guy and understand him more from a friend’s perspective before making a decision. I do have couple of friends who did that too. What do you think, Anya? :)

  5. Good job here Anya.I love your blog post.It’s so rare to find guys who treat ladies with respect these days.

    tipsgoda>Women in general are naturally attracted to guys who are “dangerous” or “bad boys” as guys who fall under this category are more fun, humourous and knows just exactly what to do to make girls fall head over heels in love with them, despite all their flaws.

    “Mommy’s boy” or so called “Good guys” (it’s pretty hard to define “good guys” these days)generally tend to be a bit boring and monotonous.Once the couple have been going steady, the relationship tend to fall into a monotonous tone and often times it’s very predictable.

    Women loves surprises,fun and excitement.If you can fuse this into the relationship,even after marriage, then you will have a recipe for a successful marriage.

  6. Karin,

    Thanks for dropping by. I would agree that fun and excitement will definitely blossom a relationship or even after marriage :)

  7. this is what i always talk about in my own blog.How guys should be more attractive and add some ‘mystery’ in their personality.

    attractiveness is not all about what you look like,but more on how you act and react when you are with a girl.Being clingy and needy is a NO NO.(and thats what ‘nice’ guys tend to do.

    thats why they always end up in the friend zone.

    learning to say the right things,making the girl smile and laugh and not always giving her everything she want all the time,and show that you are different from other guys(in a good way) is what a guy should do.

    its a long topic and i dont want my comment turns into another ‘post’ here.hehe

    tipsgoda’s last blog post..YOU LIKE A GIRL.BUT..- 7 Tips So That You Dont Become Her “Girlfriend”

  8. @tipsgoda,

    well i would not mind if you want to be guest post in my blog. Contact me and we have some joint venture… :)

  9. Wow! So many comments. :) I’ve had a blog for years now, and it’s never received this much attention – for ONE article!

    Tipsgoda, I’d suggest this book entitled ‘The Game’ by Neil Strauss. He couldn’t have put it better, what really attracts women. I found it rather surprising at first, but after some time, everything sort of made sense – or rather, parts of it to the whole picture anyway.

    Karin, thanks for the compliment! :)

    Anya’s last blog post..Shake it like a polaroid picture…

  10. Hey Anya,

    That is the power of blogging especially our blog have good traffic from everywhere, i will show you the stats :)

    Well, i did came across about “The Game”, highly recommended and double endorsement for the book although i am not making any commission from Neil. :)

    I did learn from him too…

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