Cupid Blogger Dot Com is a niche blog for love, dating, marriage and relationship. People from all walks of life read Cupid Blogger Dot Com consistently for latest updates on love and relationship tips and definitely suitable for advertisers from LOVE industry like dating sites, relationship consultancy to matchmaking agencies.

As Cupid Blogger Dot Com is gaining popularity from readers, advertisers are able to gain maximum exposure from visitors on their products or services.

Web Traffic Statistics

Cupid Blogger is officially launched on 1st December 2008 and has been gaining tremendous traffic from search engines, social networking sites, social bookmarking services and also referral links.

Below is the latest summary of Cupid Blogger Dot Com Web traffic (as of 29th April 2009)

Unique Visitors (per month): 20,000 – 30,000

Page Rank: PR 3

Alexa Ranking:  3,791,449 |  805,297 | 556,393 | (331,854)


Technorati Rank : Unranked | 623,643 | 522,445 | 260,390 (65,969)

Technorati Authority: Unranked | 11 | (85)

Visitors of Cupid Blogger Dot Com comprises people majority from United States, Australia, Germany, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, China and various countries as well. Below is the screenshot of internet traffic based on countries.

Advertising Option

Currently, there are two advertising option available in Cupid Blogger Dot Com as below

1. Sidebar Advertising – 125*125 pixels

  • The advertising at the sidebar is rotational so that the ads will not be stagnant at one fixed location.
  • Minimal animation is acceptable but no flash and javascript.
  • Preferred¬† image format is JPEG and GIF.

2. Product/Service Review

  • Review will be minimum 500 words
  • The review will remain in main page for at least one week for maximum exposure.


Terms & Condition

The management has the right to decline any advertising offer and will not accept any advertising which contain elements like pornography, gambling or irrelevant (profanity) content.

Note: If you are interested to advertise/joint venture with Cupid Blogger, do fill in the contact form below and we will get back to you within 24 working hours. Thank you.

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