Are You Ready For A Marriage?

Almost every couple in the world wants to get married after dating for a while. Let us not talk about couples who do not intend to get married. We are now focusing a group of couples who want to settle down and have a family of their own. Marriage is an act of marrying someone, from boyfriend/girlfriend relationship to husband/wife relationship. Marriage is a very meaningful event in one’s life and it is usually meant to happen once when we have found our true love (when one took vow that he/she will hold hands and take care of one another till death do they apart).

It is not easy to find true love and when couples are in a relationship, they know that they have one more phase to go through: marriage. However, marriage is an important phase in one’s life and it is not a mere act of marrying for the sake of marrying (or fulfilling an obligation even). It is so much more than that. It is about commitment, faith, trust, love, passion, unity, bond, responsibility and the list goes on. It is, especially, about spending the rest of your life with the person you love.

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Girls would normally drop hints of marriage here and there, while guys would normaly cook up something romantic like popping the proposal question on birthdays or memorable dates. During the moment of proposing for being proposed to, both might experience different feelings and emotions.

When being proposed to, some girls might feel excited and answered with an overjoyed “YES!” in happy tears.

Some might feel shocked, awkward and reject the proposal right away.

While keeping and building more suspense, might just ask for some time to think about it (there’s hesitation, so guys, you might want to think again if she’s the one).

Now, why is it such a tough decision for some couples? It is common to get married and settle down; have a family of our own and nurture our little ones, bringing up future generations that would lead this world, if they would. That’s all we want in the end anyway.

There a number of factors which we should consider before walking down the aisle.

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  1. it’s truE!!! i have a friend who went through her marriage just to filed for divorse 3 months later, to be with another man she met later on during the course of preparing for her marriage. sad but true…

    jamie’s last blog i…?


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