Are You Ready For A New Relationship?

In my previous posts, I have talked about love definition, facts about love, knowing your pattern in relationships and even how to identify if you have fallen in love. Now, it is time to ask yourself if you are ready for a new relationship.

You walked on the streets, seeing couples making their way, hand in hand, whispering softly to one another; you smiled to yourself as you walked. Those scenes around you have triggered you to realize that you have been leading your single life for quite a while. You know that your parents are waiting desperately for the arrival of the very special moment in your life; your marriage, even though they never mention it in front of you, knowing that you have been through a disappointing relationship years ago. You have potential life partners around you, in your network of friends as well as business partners yet; you have not given yourself another chance.

Despite all these, what is actually on your mind? Do you think you are really ready for a new relationship? Well, if you are still unsure of yourself, take a look at my guidelines:

1. Review on your past relationships and causes of failure
Be it a sweet or bitter experience, your pasts are the greatest teacher in life. Look again at how well you have resolved those problems and related issues. Are there any possibilities from your pasts that will affect your future relationship? Have you done enough to settle your problems? If you have not done enough, you have to do something about it.

2. Possess adequate self-knowledge, secure yourself and be happy
Discover more about yourself. How do you see yourself at different environment i.e. family, friends, workplace, meetings, gatherings etc? What is your aim in life? What will you do to achieve your goals? What are your strengths and weaknesses? And most importantly, what are your principles in life?

Learn to secure yourself with positive values and live happily. Maturity and a true understanding of you will lead to a stable relationship. Healthy relationships often begin with a strong self-love. Love yourself before you love others.

3. Leave the pasts behind and start a new healthy relationship
You are not the only person who has encountered a traumatic relationship. There are many others out there who have been through worse situations. There is no point living in the past, thinking of what had or had not happened. If we do not get adequate closure on painful experiences in the past relationships, we might bring the issues forward in the future relationship to relive and resolve it, which will bring more heart-wrenching experiences to both parties. If in any cases when you find yourself tend to slip into unhealthy patterns and behaviors just like what had happened in the past, stop, identify and deal with it smartly.

4. Knowing your needs and wants from your relationship
Before discovering your needs and wants in a relationship, get to know more about your pattern of relationship as I have mentioned in the previous posts. Knowing what you seek for will determine if the relationship you are about to involve in is the right one for you. Learning from your past relationships and examine all your feelings and needs regarding your future relationship will help to ensure that your new relationship will be a healthy and lasting one.

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  1. We all have a moment of losing our relationship.
    Some may even try to start again. No matter how hard they try, they cant be together again.
    Breaking is not a crime and falling in love again is also not a crime.
    We all learn from the pass, We just need to be a better person.
    To know that you are ready for a relationship.
    You just need to ask yourself, are you ready for another round?

    ShinChan’s last blog post..Happy Birthday Katty

  2. Hi ShinChan,

    I truely agree with you…you must have lots of experience in relationship huh? :)

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