Beercamp Valentine’s Day Party Review

It was Valentine’s Day, a special day that people spend time with their loved ones. Well this year, I have decided to celebrate Valentine’s Day in a special way. The answer is Beercamp.

Beercamp? Yes, it is.

I did made an announcement about the event – “Join The Biggest Valentine’s Day Party In Kuala Lumpur” not long ago. It was held in a very exclusive restaurant and bar – Ali Yaa in Damansara Heights, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The crowd starts as early as 7pm and everyone was really looking forward to the event.

The event was really a success and I would like to declare that Beercamp was the biggest Valentine’s Day Party In Kuala Lumpur. With initial target of 300 attendees, I was so happy and surprise to be informed that there were more than 400 people turn out to this event. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the organizing committee and most importantly, sponsors of Beercamp – , Captiv8, Dorisgan, La Chynna, Implemax Solutions, SocialWalk, Right Ideas Left, Cupcake Chic, ADG Computers, Care Condoms, Foldees, Vdimensions, Barcamp KL, Hasbro, Cradle and not forgetting Cupid Blogger Dot Com.

Awesome Beercamp Sponsors

Awesome Beercamp Sponsors

The event was kicked off with the opening speech by Lionel, the organising Chairman of Beercamp (a friend of mine too). Want to know why he organise this event although he don’t drink beer at all? Well, you should check out his note here. Then, the floor started off with a wedding gown fashion show with fantastic models and beautiful gowns by La Chynna.

Beercamp Organiser - Linoel Chew

Beercamp Organiser - Lionel Chew and Marcus Teoh


Wedding Gown Fashion Show

There were freebies given away to everyone – Teddy Bear (La Chynna) and Cupcakes (sponsor by Cuppcake Chic). Not only that, DorisGan also has a small booth that showcase their special hand made designer’s watch collection.

After the catwalk, attendees really enjoyed themselves with the biggest Twister game ever sponsored by Hasbro. With over 40 participants, this was one of the engaging party game I’ve ever seen played. And not only that, there was also a speed dating for 10 guys and girls with some tough challenges (spicy sausage and vodka shots). From my observation, most of them really enjoyed and exchange phone numbers after speed dating. (good huh? especially for single lol)

Largest Twsiter Game Ever

Largest Twsiter Game Ever

Speed Dating

Speed Dating Challenge - Hot Sausage and Vodka Shots

After midnight, the party just started with live band. Not only that, I was so surprise to have a birthday cake for me on that night too. By the way, my birthday falls on Valentine’s Day and this 21st birthday is the most meaningful ever. Thank you so much, Lionel and committee member for making this happen. Check out my birthday cake was ripped off by ….

My Birthday Cake Was Finished By Daniel, Kennee and Brendon

My Birthday Cake Was Finished By Daniel, Kennee and Brendon

Everyone dance, drank and partied till the “last call” at 3am. My head was little dizzy at that moment due to few Vodka shots (i can’t remember how many?) and spent a night in my friend’s house and woke up only in the afternoon the next
day. Then, i found out that Cupid Blogger Dot Com server was not working properly.

Anyway, I really enjoyed myself in this year Valentine’s Day with Beercamp with some of my close friends. Finally, I would like to apologize for posting this review late and not being able to update Cupid Blogger Dot Com for the past 1 week.

This is due to server that hosted Cupid Blogger Dot Com in USA goes offline and was not stable since 15 February (they gave me a “good” surprise birthday present after valentine’s day). Hence, I was not able to update the site and some of you guys may encounter difficulties to access Cupid Blogger Dot Com.

But don’t worry. The inconvenience and nightmare is over. :)

Cupid Blogger Dot Com has moved into a dedicated server in Malaysia for better performance, speed and most important-not congested. At the point of writing this post, the site should be able to access normally.

The migration of Cupid Blogger is definitely not possible without the assistance of our server hosting provider, Extreme Network which operated by my closed friend, Kelvin and Melvin. Thanks you.

PS: Picture courtesy of Lionel Chew and Iris Khoo

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  1. Oh, man! Do you mean that I missed all that FUN??? Urgh~~~

    jamie’s last blog post..two sides of a door

  2. Daniel Y.S. Tan says:

    Alamak..meself just ate that RM300 cake with Kennee and Brendon..hmm…i just had a piece (it was good though i prefer chocolate :) and then when we went-off, i ‘helped’ to ‘tah-pau’ back a few more slices as i saw it lying there and i guess i was the last ot try it-out.

    Darn..though, it does look so much like we had the whole cake that feeds 50 ppl by ourselves. LOL

  3. You know I’m expecting to see more shots of the other sex. Alamak, where were those girls, Cupid?

    Probably see you guys next year. What a party! too bad I’m not “available”.


    Yan Susanto’s last blog post..The Art of Writing Damn Good Blogs

    • @Yan,

      Great to see you in Cupid Blogger again. Well the girls..a lot..but i would say..what happened there remain on that night… :)

      Sure, you are most welcome to join us and i am going to invite more indo cewek to the party..hehehe…no worries…you are always “available” when your wife is not with you physically…

      Right? :)

  4. You are probably right! So how’s your quest for the other half? ;)

    Yan Susanto’s last blog post..The Art of Writing Damn Good Blogs

    • @ Yan,

      Well quest on my other half? Good question to ask at this moment. Well as i told you before that i like indo chinese girl..hehehe

      But still long way to go. Perhaps will post it on Cupid Blogger if there is any updates..i may post up some clubbing picture from Jakarta soon..during my next trip…

      Do stay tuned ya :)

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