Beyond The Religious Borders: How Love Can Transcend Faith And Beliefs

This is a guest post written by Kee Man from Kee Man XP Dot Com

When I was invited to be the guest blogger on this site, it doesn’t take me long to think of a topic for my article. Love and religion is a binary theme that has not only shaped my life but has also triggered various issues and controversies in multiracial countries like Malaysia. Inter-faith or inter-religious relationship or marriage is indeed a fascinating thing. We lived in a multiracial society and inevitably there will be love sparks flying between two persons regardless of their race and religion.


It was not very long ago when I myself ended up in such wonderful world of transcendental love. Living in an area where Malays are the majority, I couldn’t help but immersed in understanding their culture, language and unavoidably their religion-Islam. Being a Chinese Buddhist, I always have an open mind in learning about others’ faiths and beliefs. This enlightens me about racial tolerance and for the first time in my life, it brings me the joy of inter-faith love affair.

About six years ago, I was in love with a Malay girl. She was a friend that I had known since primary school and we were very close. I was attracted not solely because of her beauty but for her inner splendor. She was a kind-hearted girl with soft-spoken voice that would melts anyone hearts. As our friendship grew year by year, I realized that I’d fallen in love with her and she felt the same way.

But we knew there was a border between us, a border that would take a strong will and courage to go across and beyond-our religions. What we expected was true, our parents couldn’t allow us to be together, all in the name of religion. Her parents proposed to me to convert to Islam in order to be with her, but surprisingly it was her who objected the proposal from the beginning. She even threatened to kill herself if such forced conversion were to be undertaken.

I was in a dilemma and I did not know what to do. But she gave me an answer: “You love me because of who I am, not because of my religion. What’s the point of converting to my religion just as a passport for us to be together? Surely, our love transcends these limited thoughts”. I was amazed by her thoughts and rarely did I see a Muslim girl like her that could give such statement.

We were in relationship for about 2 years before a tragedy separated us forever.  She died in a car crash while on her way to meet me on my birthday. A tragedy that until now eludes me from celebrating my birthday, for that day is the day when she left me for God but I know our love will never die.

For those who are engaging in inter-faith love relationship, please remember that loving your partner doesn’t mean you need him or her to give up their religions unless of course he or she is wholeheartedly committed towards embracing the new religion. While conversion may give you an easy path to be with each other, you need a strong determination to fully understand each other’s religion.

“I Love You Not Because Of Your Religion But Because Love Is My Religion”

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What do you think about this guest blog post by Kee Man? For those who are in inter-faith love relationship, do feel free to comment and I am looking forward to hear from all of  you :)

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  1. Hi Simon,
    Honoured to be a guest blogger here. Hope this article can enlighten those in inter-faith relationships. Cheers!

  2. Love is the greatest, the Bible says. So, maybe love can transcend faith and beliefs. But ponder these…

    • Unless we have a loving relationship with God, we will be tempted to give up our faith and beliefs for humanly love.
    • Unless we have experience the love of God, we would willingly give up everything for the imperfect love of man.
    • Unless we love God more than anything else, we would find someone (parents, lovers, children, etc) or something (career, car, hobbies, etc) to love.

    While we declare our love for one another openly, how deep is our love for God?

  3. Hi, Simon! So this is the blog you’ve mentioned on WordCamp! Lots of interesting articles, as well! Love is the kind of topic that won’t die out. Came to think about it, I think, my lovey-dovey kind of postings always receive lots of comments :D

    hanny’s last blog post..:: pelajaran berbagi dari matt mullenweg

  4. @Hanny,

    I am glad that you drop by at my blog. I agree that love topic won’t die out. Haha.. :)

    Do stay tuned for more love updates from my team…thanks for visting.

  5. A very touching experience. Never give up on love.
    I myself choose to stay with a man who’s in same religion because I love GOD.
    It’s just as same as long distance relationship. Even if we are in close distance relationship, or in the same religion, we still have differences to overcome: different mind set, different way of upbringing. But at least if we are in the same religion, we can always revert to our religion for guidance.

    Mirna’s last blog post..Nice Girls Do It, Too!

  6. Props for a really good post!

    At the moment, I’m dating a person of another religion, and while it’s still too early into the relationship to start thinking about these things, if it were up to me, I’d rather not consider faith as a deciding factor.

    I understand that being of the same religion has its perks, but I wouldn’t want to have found the perfect man and have to give him up because conversion is out of the question. I think a large part of being in love is made up of being able to accept another person for all our differences. Maybe that’s a little too idealistic, but in a perfect world, that would be the way I roll.

    Our faith in God plays a significant role in the kind of people we turn out to be, but so does the extent we’re willing to go for someone we care about. Who’s to say that someone who is willing to compromise their faith for another person has it wrong?

    Unfortunately, there is no one way of looking at this. Great article anyway! :)

    Anya’s last blog post..some things are easier typed out.

  7. True…agree with you Anya. It’s not easy sometimes…but decision has to be made and we need to bear the consequence of that decision and not escaping from it.

  8. :(
    I’m going through exactly this right now. It’s horrible, yet beautiful. .

    clarisseteagen’s last blog post..The Adventures of Spencer

    • @clarisseteagen,

      Thanks for dropping by at Cupid Blogger Dot Com..i understand where u come from. It is challenging but yet beautiful huh? :)

      If you would like to share your side of story, do contact me using the form here

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