Cheating Leads To Disaster In Relationship

Whether you’ve been in a relationship for a day, a month, a year, or a lot longer than you can remember, times do come when it’s tempting to wander off for just a little while. By ‘wander’, I do mean cheat, but something that starts off as a simple plan of just one night can sometimes lead to a long, destructive cycle of deception and betrayal.

Cheating isn’t something to be taken lightly – it is a breach of trust, a reason to leave, and in my opinion, a non-negotiable deal-breaker. Forgive me for making it out to be utterly dramatic, and for having painted such a bleak picture for the act. Granted, most times, there are numerous factors that contribute to cheating, and you wouldn’t believe the absurd reasons I’ve heard in an attempt to justify these indiscretions. Whether or not it makes sense to the victim, the most reasonable thing to have done probably would have been to not start in the first place. Times may be rough, and those thoughts can be impossibly tempting, but relationships are made of two people, and if you’re about to stray, think about what you’re about to do to that other person.

When you get caught, the decision then lies in the hand of the innocent party. Now on top of everything you’ve inflicted on somebody else, that person has to be the one who decides the course of your relationship? The poor sap’s been through a wringer, and while trying to accept the harsh reality of the deed (which, by the way, can sometimes take ages), there’s still something as big as that to be tended to? Being cheated on isn’t something most people take lightly and it can be brutal on so many levels to a single person.

Unfortunately, that can sometimes influence this big decision that is, in light of the situation, made rather hastily. That just leads to a whole lot of drama both of you could have done without in the first place. Do everyone a favor, and try to work it all out before you even consider hurting your ‘significant other’ that way. Your best bet would be to imagine the tables turned, leaving you on the would-be receiving end – how’d you like it if you were made to feel you weren’t good enough? A spin on the original idea is all it takes for you to realize what you’re about to inflict on somebody else.

If you are in a healthy relationship and are planning on spending forever together, set boundaries and limits and stick by them. Women should understand that men are visual creatures, and guys should give a little way to when girls get together and gush over that gorgeous barman. Give a little, and it goes a long way – there’s no good point in having that leash to tight, because a lot like rebellious teenagers, if you make something seem so unattainable, chances are they’ll work harder to get it.

There’s nothing wrong with just looking and talking about it, and certainly acceptable to share fancies, but going behind backs to have scandalous affairs is really something that’s only meant for saucy romance novels. It isn’t easy, surrendering your entire life to someone else, but it’s just as hard promising complete fidelity for the next 84728392 years without a treat once in a while.

From teenagers to long-time marriages, there’s nothing wrong looking around – for both parties, mind you – and if you trust them enough to believe that they won’t ever do you wrong, what’s the harm in letting them indulge in their visual senses a tad? It could just save you a lot of trouble.

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  1. cheating is a breach of trust.But sometimes the ‘temptation’ of havin a short term ‘fun’ can be something hard to resist.

    Will cause a lot of problems in the future but some people still keep on doing it..

    Its like an ‘itch’ .You know its bad for you to scratch it but you still wanna go for it..

    tipsgoda’s last blog post..Sex 101

  2. @ tipsgoda

    you are absolutely right…sometimes the temptation can really destroy a happy relationship. Anya did made a good point here. Thanks :)

  3. It IS like an itch, no doubt.

    However, I believe that both parties can help keep from wanting to scratch with a certain level of compromise that should work both ways. If your partner knows that you’re alright with indulging a little from time to time, I doubt that the temptation to stray will be as strong.

    Anya’s last blog post..Britney Spears – pop icon for LIFE.

  4. Your right Anya…And TRUST is an important element in relationship..By ‘scratching’ so often,you will loose that TRUST from your partner…

    *scratching i mean -cheating (just dont want people to imagine the wrong things here,hehe)

    tipsgoda’s last blog post..What Is TIPSGODA?

  5. Yeah, and that’s if your partner sticks around long enough for there to even be a relationship’s ‘trust’ factor to worry about.

    Once someone is cheated on, I think they’ll need some seriously good reasons to stick around, and that’s considering the possibility that they’re able to forget about it completely.
    Stick around for the next thing I’ve written – about how it’ll be like for the one who is on the receiving end of infidelity.

    Anya’s last blog post..this is why BLOGSPOT is cooler than XANGA and KFC sucks.

  6. great Anya.Cant wait for the next post!

    tipsgoda’s last blog post..Announcement From TipsGoda

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