Counting Down To New Year 2009

In couple of hours time from now, we will say Goodbye to 2008 & Welcome 2009. Effective I Jan, Cupid Blogger Dot Com is celebrating its one month old anniversary since it was launched on 1 Dec 2008.

What is in installed for Cupid Blogger Dot Com for year 2009? Well, of course there will be more write up about love and relationship tips. If you have any suggestions or ideas on what you want us to write or topic to cover, use the comment form below and I am looking forward to hear from you guys as without you guys-readers and visitors, Cupid Blogger Dot Com will not exist. :)

I am writing this post in Starbucks coffee overlooking at the tall skyscrapers of Petronas Twin Tower in heart of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with a Dark Cherry Mocha Frappuccino while waiting the time to tick and countdown to 2009.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all readers, my fellow bloggers, my fellow writers

“Happy New Year 2009”

and may this new year brings us happiness, joy and prosperity.

In addition, I would like to inform you guys that Cupid Blogger Dot Com will have a major facelift with new design layout for better user experience and loading time. Checkout the new design tomorrow. :)

Founder of Cupid Blogger Dot Com
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