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As I was circling the mulberry bush of flirting… it got me thinking about the difference of flirting, dating and being in a relationship.

A friend shared his thought that flirting is unseriously getting to know the other person. While dating is a quite serious attempt to know the person better. And being in a relationship means seriously understanding and accepting their strengths and weaknesses to compliment a ‘happily ever after’ love story.

With that, I started to ponder because I personally love to flirt and conflictingly, I mean every flirt charm I cast on others. So, how can it be unserious?

It then occurred to me that it is a cycle – a process of companionship – that starts with flirting, progresses to dating, which eventually develops into a relationship. So, there is no comparison but there is an obvious connection among flirting, dating and being in a relationship. And I’m illustrating these three with a hearty three-course meal.


The Appetizer
Flirting, like the appetizer in a 3-course meal, is the start of enticing the other person for their attention. There are a wide variety of appetisers to suit different taste buds, so find your flirt style in the menu:

  • Eye contact
  • Smiles
  • Flattery
  • Batting eyelashes
  • Casual touches
  • Teasing
  • Winking
  • Artful playfulness
  • Footsie (under the table)
  • Sending notes, poems or gifts

The appetiser determines the mood towards the rest of the dining experience, so embrace the best flirting style that complements your personality.

Get the appetiser right and you may well be cooking some sizzling hot main course.

The Main Dish
When the flirting gets a little more serious, exchange contact details and who knows, you’ll be dating no time! Unless this is not what you want… do not ask for their phone numbers and certainly do not say “I’ll call you” if you do not have the intention to do so. Instead, you should call it a night after the appetizer.

During this course, it’s the biggest chunk of the meal. Take the advice from Elvis Presley and go slow because only fools rush in. Occasionally add some spices to keep the dating game delicious and full of flavour.

While you savor each bite, take your time to relish and enjoy the dating course until you are sure you cannot live without them.

If you wish to last through to the dessert and a pleasant evening, make sure to serve the main course right, and that both of you enjoy it.

The Dessert
After the sumptuous dating, most can’t resist the dessert. Like the sweetness of the dessert, being in a loving relationship with fond memories and lovey-dovey moments bond two hearts as one.

Do not overlook the importance of relationship. Nurture your relationship with tender, loving and care that draw both of you closer to each other with much understanding and trust. Otherwise, it can be infected with carelessness and pull both of you further away.

Keep it simple, and most importantly, keep it sweet till the end.

Well, how do you see the relation or differences among these three? Feel free to share some thoughts on the power of three – flirting, dating and being in a relationship. :)

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  1. I think this is a great analogy!!.im sure people will be talking about this..

    Flirting ,dating and being in a relationship certainly have strong get serious when you move forward from one phase to another..

    tipsgoda’s last blog post..Your Guy Is Acting Cold Towards You?

  2. I love this! :)

    Anya’s last blog post..eMpTy

  3. Interesting topic … A lot of people misused the word “flirting” especially the younger generation nowadays… they flirt with everyone with every way possible… but as in your previous article Jamie.. You talked about flirt with the right way and honesty… If we start the game with a wrong way.. how will we gonna end the game as a winner ?? we would end up fouled out or disqualified ( as I’m a basketball fan hehe ) . so for me personally… start to flirt only when you are interested with the person.. then most probably you will get from flirting to dating and then serious relationship cause only with the right connection we can take things one step further…

    • JC, you’re right… we must start with the right way. Flirting is fun sometimes it boosts the other person’s sensuality and in a way… it boosts their confidence.

      Anyone can flirt, but it’s the works of love that draw hearts together. Just as it is written, “Love is the greatest”.


      jamie’s last blog post..two sides of a door

  4. what a yummy-licious perspective on flirting, dating and relationship. u truly have a delicious point of view!

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