7 Tips On Creating The Perfect Online Dating Profile

Have you been looking for tips on how to create the perfect online dating profile?

Just starting started online dating recently? Or you have been doing online dating for quite some time, but things does not work out in attracting potential partner?

Not sure on what is best practices in creating online dating profile?

For the newbies, it would do well for you to put a halt on typing that online dating profile you are about to upload. And for the non-successful online dater, see what you might be doing wrong.

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Are You Ready To Learn About Creating The Perfect Online Dating Profile?

1. Online Dating Profile Picture

Let me start with the profile picture – the very first thing a potential partner will look into in your online dating profile.

Let’s admit it, men and women are both visual creatures. We tend to lean to something that is pleasing to the eyes. So, make sure to have an excellent head shot with a decent camera. It should provide a good angle of your face and your lovely smile.

Most online dating sites provide the option to upload more than one photo. If it does, choose another photo that discreetly shows a full body shot, preferably in an outdoor setting. This erases the idea that you were trying to hide an anorexic body or beer belly.

And this also gives your viewer the idea that you’re not anti-social or agoraphobic, and you actually go out to enjoy some sunshine and fresh air. Another photo would be you wearing work clothes. If you are in the army, post a photo of you all handsome in your uniform. If you’re a successful businesswoman, put that power suit on and snap away.

Remember, no morally questionable photos and photoshop sparingly. Some advises to hire a professional photograph, but I think that’s overdoing it. Besides, it will look commercial and people tend to think it could be another fake online dating profile.

2. Headlines

This part of your profile should catch a reader’s attention in fifty characters or less. So, infuse it with humor and positivity. Avoid the generic ones and be unique.

I’ve read a thousand headlines and we’re all sick of ‘Ready For Miss Perfect’ or ‘Cool Girl Seeking Cool Guy’. I especially like this quirky one I found on Match.com: ‘Guaranteed More Fun Than Your Ex’.

3. Screen Name

Don’t be just another ‘SexyGirl56’ or ‘FunnyMan9’. Screen names should be catchy and say something about yourself that is concise and easy to remember. It usually gives out the first impression in fifteen characters or less.

You want a user to know that you are confident and fun in a way that you don’t blatantly tell it in your screen name. Do not use full names or email addresses for anonymity. Birthdays and house addresses are a definite no-no.

If you would like to attract those who are looking for serious, long-term relationships, then racy titles would only introduce you to the wrong ones.

My advise is to include hobbies like ‘GolfGuruGeorge’ or if you like scuba diving then ‘DivingDivaJane’. I especially like interesting names such as ‘VincentVegaTheThird’. Movie addicts will understand that you are referring to John Travolta’s character in Pulp Fiction, but if not, it is always a good conversation starter.

4. Describing Yourself

Keep this part short enough to efficiently describe yourself but just long enough to pique a reader’s interests and make them think, ‘I want to know more about this lady/gentleman.’

Like all things in your online dating profile, it should exude positivity. Avoid negative words such as ‘desperate’ or ‘lonely’. Include a line of what your friends say about you. A hobby or two should help as well.

5. Your Potential Match

I like reading stuff such as ‘You will not be asked to get me a beer while I watch TV,’ or ‘You won’t be holding my purse while I’m shopping for shoes’. I like how it focuses on the other person.

Your whole profile already talks about you, so might as well consider this part a space for your potential partner. And just because you put in ‘funny and spontaneous’ on your profile, doesn’t mean you can expect the same from a potential match.

The trick is to consider your audience. It’s all romance and flowers for women but men are more logic and reason.

6. Draft and Editing Your Online Dating Profile

Do not upload it directly on your profile. Make a draft on a Word document instead.

Write down according to how the ideas come out of your mind. Never mind the grammar and spelling errors.

Imagine that you are talking directly to your date and he/she is asking all these questions. You can edit it after anyway you want, and upload.

7. Honesty

The golden rule in online dating is to keep it honest. We all want to be accepted for who we are, not for who we want to be. And if you lie, somewhere, somehow, it will catch up with you.

Editor Note: This is a post written by Vic from Cupids Library for more online dating site review.

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  1. Great Post. Dating profile picture is the most important factor. People should give real pictures.

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