Cupid Blogger Valentine’s Day Blog Contest

As Valentine’s Day is around the corner, I decided to launch the first ever contest in Cupid Blogger Dot Com to show my appreciation and gratitude to our beloved readers since this blog was launched 3 months ago.


Yes,  it is simply called  – “Cupid Blogger Valentine’s Day Blog Contest”

This blog contest is definitely not possible without our generous and awesome sponsors giving out their contribution and make Valentine’s Day in year 2009 a memorable one for the readers of Cupid Blogger Dot Com.

Check Out Three Grand Prizes Below

# 1 Thou Shall Blog
One hour blog consultation via Skype worth $100 (RM350) by Yan Susanto, founder of Thou Shall Blog Dot Com who is freelance consultant and full-time blogger with a simple principle of “Doing What I Love Most”. It’s your one shot chance to ask Yan anything related to blogging. He’ll also share with you his own secret formula on how to take your blog to the next level. It’s designed to shave quite a bit off your learning curve. If you don’t have a blog, he will guide you how to set up one.

Attention: Yan Susanto is one of the prominent authority blogger in “Blog For Beginners” niche. I personally feel so excited what he will share during the one hour consultation and want to participate in this contest too. Readers, may you guys allow me to sign up too? :)

# 2
Borders Vouchers worth $28 (RM100) by, Malaysia leading Online Lifestyle Magazine. With this borders vouchers, the winner will have freedom to buy any book of his/her choice.

For those who are not based in Malaysia, no worries at all. If you win this prize, just let me know what book you want (within $28) and will send it to your doorstep no matter where you are. Keep my words on that. :)

# 3 How To Attract Women
“The Player’s Guide: To Picking Up Women” E-book worth $20 (RM70) by Joseph Laslo from How To Attract Women.

Have you ever wonder why some guys attracts girls while some others don’t? What is it that drives the girls to like a guy so much without having to be rich, muscular or even good looking? You can make women get crazy over you just by developing a simple quality.  This is a definitely must have guide for the single guys out there. :)

What YOU Need To Do?

Simple and easy. All you need to do is to subscribe via Email using the form below AND tell your readers why you subscribe to this blog (in your own words) and full review is most welcome.

Enter your email address:

Below is just one of the example. You may  just copy, paste and fill in the blank…

I’ve just subscribed to – a blog that share everything about love and relationship with the famous tagline – “Spreading Love Over Blogosphere”. Let me share with you guys why I’ve decided to subscribe to this blog. I subscribe because…(personal views/reviews about this blog)

Subscribe to this blog now and you might stand a chance to win some awesome Valentine’s Day giveaway courtesy of Blog for Beginners,, and How To Attract Women

Please keep in mind that all the sponsors’ links must be kept intact. Once you are done, leave your comment below with your link to your blog and you are automatically eligible for the drawing. It really doesn’t get much easier than that.

Below is one of  the example: (you may add personal views too)

“I have posted about this “Cupid Blogger Valentine’s Day Blog Contest” in my blog
Here is my link – http:/”

When Will It End?

The contest starts today and dateline of the contest will be on 28th Feb and the winners will be announce  in Cupid Blogger Dot Com. So check out your email.  The winner will be randomized by so make sure you subscribe using the correct email address. :)

So what are you waiting for? Join this contest now and share it with your friends and readers.

Good luck and Happy Valentine’s Day from Cupid Blogger Dot Com

PS: You may also want to check out the free giveaway for the Beercamp Party here

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  1. I’d like to extend my best wish to anyone who join this contest. Hope to see you guys on the other side pretty soon.

    To our success
    Yan Susanto

    Yan Susanto’s last blog post..You’ve Only Got 10 Seconds

  2. looks like a cool contest with a cool prize.:)

    tipsgoda’s last blog post..6 Tips On What To Talk On A Date.So You Dont Go Blank

  3. thanks for the invite I have blog at

    also subscribed using ymail dot com

    Sherry’s last blog post..Cupid Blogger : Valentine’s Day Blog Contest

  4. Please ask her to set up a guide 4 me
    I’m a first timer.

  5. I have posted about this “Cupid Blogger Valentine’s Day Blog Contest” in my blog

    Here is my link

    crossing the fingers now!hehe

    TipsGoda’s last blog post..Another Makeover For Tips Goda?

  6. Hi yaar ,
    Nice to see u r blog regarding valentine contest . i really impressed about u r article .Have a fun with u r spouse , girl friends or wife visit more romantic places for more information visit our site ..

  7. I have posted about this “Cupid Blogger Valentine’s Day Blog Contest” in my blog
    Here is my link –

  8. I have posted about this “Cupid Blogger Valentine’s Day Blog Contest” in my blog
    Here is my link –

    Karun’s last blog post..Cupid Blogger Valentine’s Day Blog Contest

  9. When I was newbie Yan gave me insightful advise, and not wanting the moon instantly, so I took hard lesson, and thanks to his advice my blog now are making money continously, although still small, but it is progressing.

  10. Hello cupidblogger, will you have a contest again next year? hope I’ve seen your post sooner. Anyway thanks for posting this.

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