My Funny Valentine

This one goes out to you, L. I’m never optimistic when it comes to the 14th of February. The last few have been awful, and enough indications that I should just celebrate my love any other day instead of jumping in on the Valentine’s bandwagon. I’ve had my fair share of bad relationships, and they […]

People To Avoid As Potential Dating Partners

As much as we’d like to believe that everyone out there is genuinely looking for someone to carry on a relationship with, you’d be surprised by the number of guys and girls who are only in it for a good time. If you’re the kind of person who’s looking for any kind of commitment, you’d […]

How To Identify Potential Dating Partners

Congratulations to the lot of you who are already dating, have a special someone, and are comfortable and happy with someone you consider your ‘significant other’. If you’ve been in a relationship for a while now, then you probably would have forgotten how difficult it was when you were single. Dating can be tricky, and […]

Prioritizing People

Cupid Blogger doesn’t cater solely to romantic relationships. We acknowledge and include involvement with friends and family, and they normally go undermined when we’re captivated with a significant other. Whether you are only just dating, or are well into years of a marriage, it is often the other relationships that pay a price. Being too […]

First Date Do’s And Don’ts – Part 2

Check out the last part for first date do’s and don’ts. First Date Don’ts 1. Don’t be late – As I have mentioned in the previous posts, being on time or being late reflect your personality. Don’t be late on your first date if you don’t want to leave a bad impression on your first […]

First Date Do’s And Don’ts – Part 1

Here are some tips on first date do’s and don’ts. Read on and practice it. First Date Do’s 1. Be punctual – First impression counts. Being punctual shows how much you care about the date. It reflects your personality as a responsible and disciplined person too. 2. Be creative – Men can always bring a […]

Ways To Release Tension On Your First Date

To some, this topic sounds funny. “What is so scary about first date?” “Just go date her and get laid!” “He is cute! You are lucky, girl! Nothing scary at all” Well, to those who have encountered this kind of situation, don’t worry about it. There are few ways to help you out to look […]

Top 6 Places For First Date

After giving the 3 basic tips on choosing the right location for the first date, here are some ideal places to recommend: 1. Shopping mall – This is a popular place for most dates. Shopping malls have restaurants, cinema, boutiques, etc. You will not make the whole date only about you, but to have your […]

Tips On Choosing Location For Your First Date

Choosing the right location for your first date is important. This is to ensure that the plans for your date flow smoothly. Right location which consist of 3 basics means: 1. Safe – You have to give your date an assurance that the place you are meeting up is safe and it’s your responsibility as […]

How To Look Smart On Your First Date For Women?

Ladies, I know that you are so excited about it. Now that your date is just around the corner, have you decided on what to wear and how will you dress up on that special day? What? You want a makeover? Ladies, trust me. What you need to do is to have yourself well-groomed before […]