Effective Ways Of Maintaining Relationship

Have you ever felt like the relationship you are having no longer feels the same?

Like the spark and chemistry have been slowly fading away?

Or that he/she no longer treats you the way it used to be?

Fret not, if you are thinking that he/she no longer loves you.

Sometimes, after being in a relationship for a period of time, it will feel like the affection and care have reduced, or that words and gestures that used to be carried out are no longer existence. It may not be because the feelings are not there anymore.

Every now and then, a couple should try out new activities or fun things to do together to being the spark back or to keep the spark alive. There are so many things that can be done. One can try making his/her very own treasure hunting where a possession of one of them are put into hiding and clues are made to lead that person into finding it.

Voila! Let the fun begin! Another suggestion will be sticking post it notes at places where you know your partner will be able to see. For example, if you leave work earlier than him/her, try sticking one at the alarm clock, or the basin tap. That way, he/she will see it the moment the alarm rings, or when the tap is switched on.

It is not difficult or hard work to keep the relationship going and alive, it is the smallest and tiniest gestures that mean the most. A simple call or text message during lunch time or any other time of the day can make a person’s day. It lets him/her know that you’ve got him/her on your mind and you can’t wait for the next time you two will be seeing each other again. Nowadays, there are picture messages, video calls, webcams, etc.

Other than that, try having breakfast on bed during the weekends. Each person can take turns making the breakfast and bringing in to bed. It will not only strengthen your bond, but also allow you to spend more time being close to each other, rather than sitting apart at the dining table. Just be sure not to mess up the bed or you will have extra washing to do! :)

If the two of you are the adventurous type, you can try various activities like hiking, mountain climbing, rock climbing or water rafting. If you’re looking for safer ones, there is paintball, go karts, even going to the museum if that is what both of you are interested! The only thing to consider is that the both of you will enjoy the plan together. That will make you feel good about yourself, and also each other.

A simple trip to the groceries together can do great wonders. Buying things for house together connects the two of you as one, and it can also help you out in discovering more about the likes and dislikes of your partner. Also, doing the chores with each other can turn out to be fun, rather than dreading when you do it all alone.

Been a long time since you have been to a movie? Get two tickets of the latest movie that you know the both of you will enjoy, and surprise your partner with it and a dinner together. This will bring the both of you back memories of when you first met each other, and reminisce on the good times you two have experienced together. Feeling happy and good about the relationship certainly gives a boost to the spark.

If the both of you are introverts or simply enjoy being home, get a DVD and takeaway that night and spend the night cuddling each other. Ice cream and desserts will definitely improve the mood even more. A bottle of wine will not hurt too. The main idea is to spend time together and being happy about it.

Readers, any idea about EFFECTIVE ways of maintaining relationship? Do share your personal experience below and looking forward to hear any successful or pitfall in maintaing relationship. :)

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  1. Hmm.. Althought I may not be a love saint here but I wish to have my say. Once the honey moon period is over, it takes effort of two to bring that spark back to life.

    Its kinda pointless when one party try so hard while the other doesn’t care. Am I right Cupid?

    Ben Pei’s last blog post..Looking Back 2008 And Welcoming 2009

  2. i call this = ‘spicing up’ the relationship.I believe this is a very important message for all the lovebirds out there.

    i believe if we dont ‘learn’ to add more new elements in the relationship,it might got boring as time goes by.

    tipsgoda’s last blog post..You Girlfriend Is Jealous Because You Have Another Girl.Do You?

  3. @ Ben,

    You are absolutely correct. Maintaining relationship requires commitments from both parties and not forgetting effort as well

    @ Tipsgoda,

    Besides boring, the relationship can be really dull and cold (no longer warm and hot like it used to be :) )

    Maintaining relationship is a broad topic..it is totally different while dating and marriage. Do stay tuned for more hot topics

  4. yea,maintaining a relationship while dating and marriage is a different thing.

    But i guess the main purpose is the same.Cant wait for your next topic.
    I think this is very important to couples because its sad to see that a relationship has to end because the ‘heat’ is no longer there.

    tipsgoda’s last blog post..Sex 101

  5. Great ideas in maintaining a relationship. For me, I often like to whip up a good meal together with my partner. We often enjoy the time we spent in baking cookies etc.

    I agree that it is the smallest gestures that always count. Thanks for the great tips. I could put this into great use.

    Wei Liang

    Wei Liang | Earn Money Online’s last blog post..Lesson 23: Earn Money Online With Email Marketing

  6. Wei Liang,

    Thanks for dropping by. You are free to use and share the tips. Sharing is caring ya. :)

  7. my suggestions? take up dancing! my parents have been taking ballroom dancing classes for a few years now. once in a while they argue over things like who took the wrong step and messed up the dance, sometimes they are too focused on the counting the steps they forget the to follow the rhythm so the music is just there for nothing for a moment. lol… watching them dance is really great :)

    Jocelyn’s last blog post..2 new things learned

  8. @Jocelyn,

    That is also one of the good suggestion you may consider. with that creative way like dancing, it definitely will maintain that spark. :)

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