Every Day Is Valentine’s Day

So, we had a simple dinner at Nando’s last Saturday and they dimmed the lights and lit individual table with a little round candle.

I watched the candle on the next table glimmered and slowly flickered to dim. It got me thinking… is this the same as our famously talked about Valentine’s Day? That everything returned to normal to our mundane love-less life…?

How do we keep the light dancing while we move on the rest of February and the rest of the year?


Valentine's Candle

It’s easy with these 8 love rituals!

#1 Bonding time

Connect with each other through verbal and non-verbal ways. Add some loving fun into your everyday living to keep the passion alive. Try lazy afternoon naps…

Guys, hold her close in your arms so that she sleeps safely… and girls, slip into his chest and feel the warmth of his heart beat.

#2 You’re my addiction

Love each other, but do not be addicted to each other… You may be addicted to the same TV shows, music, food or even sports. You’ll be surprised, both of you will have more conversations…

Guys and girls… give and take. While he learns to love soap opera for you, in return you may get excited with some action movie.

#3 Shower the blues away

What’s better to shower Monday blues away for a fun-tastic week ahead. Have some fun, splash some water, enjoy the bubbles attack and wash each other’s hair…

Scrub her back gently while she scrubs yours (this is a way to use this phrase in a positive manner: scratch her back and she’ll scratch yours)… Give him a relaxing massage on the back while he eases your tight neck.

#4 Feel the senses

Get connected with each other with your five senses – sight, sound, taste, smell and touch. When combined, these God-given senses can boost your chemistry.

Look into those beautiful eyes, hear the heart beating, taste those soft lips, let the sweet scent embrace your brain and connect with sensual touch while you feel the love re-ignite between you two.

#5 What’s your bed time?

This is my favourite… Go to bed at the same time, even if you’re not tired… just get under the sheets together. My personal quote for this is, “While your body cells renew at night, let the night’s healing restore your bond.”

If you really have to watch the final basketball match, watch it in bed while she sleeps by your side. If you really need to read the last chapter of a ‘Shopaholic’ series, read it in bed with your man’s arm around you.

#6 Time to wash up!

It might not be the most romantic activity, but your share the responsibilities to keep the house in order. You can try bathing your pet, doing laundry or weekly ‘spring cleaning’ together… Depicted from the South Korean TV drama broadcast in 2004, Full House, the protagonists developed love and fondness for each other while doing house chores together.

Wash the car together, and you might actually have fun with water and bubbles. Let her wash the dishes while you take out the rubbish.

#7 Hear the laughter

Laughter can strengthen your bond with your partner. According to a study in the journal Motivation and Emotion, couples who reminisced about sharing a laugh were more satisfied with their relationships than those who didn’t.

Love birds, laughing together builds a supply of good memories… which you’ll call on it later, when times get tough…

#8 Heart speaks

It is important to be supportive when your partner is going through a rough time, but responding positively to their achievements could be just as crucial to your bond. According to Shelly Gable, Ph. D., enthusiasm builds your partner’s self-esteem because it shows that you understand them. And that paves the way for them to open up to you in the future – whether the news is good of bad. So, let the heart speaks…

Hear him out when he has had a long day… comfort her cry when she is out of words to express her depression.

Do you have any fun and tender loving rituals to share in keeping relationships alive? Feel free to share your love potion with our readers… :)

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  1. great romantic tips over there. washing the car,dishes together can steam up the bond… :) its very romantic and fun at the same time.

    ive written about what you need to remember after Valentine’s Day and how to keep the ‘fire’ burning.Check it out.

    TipsGoda’s last blog post..What You Need To Remember After Coming Back From Your Romantic Valentine’s Date.Keep The Fire Burning.

    • TipsGoda, yeah, I thought so too… sometimes it’s the littlest and the simplest things that keeps the hearts together, which we tend to forget…

      human minds to to complicate things, as usual… hahaha…

      and you have great point in your blog, that is reminisce the sweet moments right? sometimes we get so excited for a great 24 hours, and the second we woke up the next morning, we forgot the hype and fun from the night before… It’s definitely a GREAT idea to remember and cherish the moment!

      jamie’s last blog post..two sides of a door

  2. Everday’s a Valentine Day :)

    clarisseteagen’s last blog post..love love love and the rest of the world

  3. I think the most important thing in a relationship is communication… we must understand what our other half needs all the time and they need to know what we need… communication is very important cause without it.. we might misunderstand a lot of things or miss out a lot of stuff… and definitely doing everything together is a must cause it’s another way of communication as well.. always share the same enthusiasm in everything cause for me.. whatever my partner loves I will love it double .. All the best to lovers out there.. make everyday a Valentine’s Day and enjoy the love to the fullest and everything will turn out great.. God bless !

    • JC, I can’t argue with you that communication is the most important. It is one of the keys to bond with our partner. It just makes sense that when we’ve been together for such a long time, we learn to love the things they love…

      jamie’s last blog post..two sides of a door

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