Finding Love on the Road

As someone who spent 2.5 years travelling the world single, a secret part of me was interested in finding love on the road.

There are many benefits of long-term travel, but it can get quite lonely when you are single and constantly meeting new people who come into your lives quickly and leave just as fast. My story is funny, I found love on the road but also at home.

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Is Finding Love on the Road Possible?

I had been living in the Czech Republic for six months when my friend and I decided to head to California for Coachella. Flights were pretty expensive from the Czech Republic to America and it didn’t cost that much more to fly around the world, so I decided to head home for a bit to visit family and friends. My flatmates had got a new flatmate named Ben but I didn’t think much of it. 

After meeting Ben I knew instantly that he was someone I wanted to get to know more. I had just never imagined that I would be finding love in my home city! I was only supposed to spend a week in Christchurch but my trip kept being extended, eventually to a month. The fairytale quickly ended as I had commitments in Spain that meant I had to leave.

So many questions floated around my mind: would I come back? I had no intention to live in Christchurch, but I had never met someone quite like this before. That’s the tricky thing about finding love on the road – you never know if or when it will happen.

As I boarded my flight to Sydney, I sat in my seat and tried to decide whether I had made the right decision. Travel was such a big part of my life and I didn’t want someone else to get in the way of that. The flipside was that I had never met someone who made me feel like that and surely that was special.

My time in Spain was spent well; a number of short holidays around Spain, learning Spanish with some other au pairs, travelling to Morocco and far Eastern Europe. Eventually it was time to come home, but Ben and I had sort of fallen out of touch. I was insistent I wanted to keep travelling and so he had decided to move on.

I came home heartbroken only comforted by the fact that I had decided to follow my own dream. From that point on I swore if I ever found a connection like that again, I would take it much more seriously. I headed to Asia for a few months of travel over New Years.

A few weeks after New Years, Ben and I started talking again. It was obvious we both still cared for each other. When I returned home we made some time to see each other and fell back into that special place we had first discovered.

Long term travel is great, but nothing compares finding love.

Trying to deal with a long distance relationship is hard, tiring and testing. It’s especially challenging if you haven’t known each other that long. I think sometimes when you meet people you just know that they will be a special part of your life.

I think that everyone who travels long term is looking for something – someone or some place that is captivating enough to make them stay, or at least slow down.

Are you interested in finding love on the road? Share your thoughts below.

Editor Note: This is a guest post written by Izy. She blogs about long term travel guide at The Wrong Way Home.

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  1. Aw, happy for you, Izy :)) These things do not happen very often.

  2. Relationships must be given enough time by both couple so that it can grow, flourished, and last a lifetime. Couple should fixed problems right away so that it will not blow into heated arguments. Nice tip I read today.

  3. I think in the end you just have to choose whether you still just want to live for yourself or if you are ready to let someone come take some space in your life. I guess it sometimes takes time to let that happen, specially when you had been living very independently. Travel is awesome, but love can also be a great adventure!

  4. Carla Smith says:

    Finding love anywhere is possible IMO. In today’s society even long distance relationships can work because of how we are all connected electronically. Take for example I met a girl there who is not local to me but has become one of my best friends. I’m not saying she’s my soul mate, but still is someone I will have in my life forever. So to answer your question, you can find love anywhere so long as you are open to it.

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