First Date Do’s And Don’ts – Part 2

Check out the last part for first date do’s and don’ts.

First Date Don’ts

1. Don’t be lateAs I have mentioned in the previous posts, being on time or being late reflect your personality. Don’t be late on your first date if you don’t want to leave a bad impression on your first date. If you are lucky, your date will still be hanging out waiting for you. If you are not so lucky, your date might as well cancel the meet up.

2. Don’t get too obsessed with yourselfYou will bore your date for sure if you talk too much about yourself. Go talk about your date. Ask more about your date instead. Don’t focus way too much on topics about yourself. Your date will feel that you are interested in them if you talk and ask about them.

3. Don’t be distractedYou have to know the purpose of you both meeting up. You are both on a date and you’ve got to stay focus on the date. Men- please don’t drool over chicks out there when you are on a date. This leaves really negative impression on you. Ladies- stay focus and if you are feeling uncomfortable about something, speak out. The date is all about how much you both want to get to know each other better.

4. Don’t stare at your date’s chest This is a usual habit for some men. It’s really attractive and I know that men just can’t resist their eyeballs on the cleavage, but this isn’t polite though. Just in case if your date (lady) were to dress up a little sexy, you know what to do then.

5. Don’t mention about past relationships It’s already over. Just don’t talk about what had happened in the past relationships, because it is a potential turn off. Just get over it and you are here on a date, which means you are interested to know this special person better. Who cares what had happened in the past? Just move on and learn from it.

6. Don’t ask too many personal/sensitive questionsYou certainly do not want to scare your date with all these questions, don’t you? Just leave these questions for the next date when you both are more comfortable with each other, and perhaps, your date might just reveal it to you when it’s time.

7. Don’t forget to thank them for the dateI have been typing this out repeatedly in the previous posts. It’s to show your courtesy and it helps to determine if you will be getting the next date too.

Guys/Girls, sound familiar to you? Do share your personal experience or thoughts freely using the comment form below. TQ.

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  1. Men really need to improve the ‘Dont be late’ part.And this not only implies when dating with girls,but also when meeting up other people like friends..

    Im a guy,and I think,guys should know the importance of time.Especially on dates and equally important when doing business/work.

    Hey,we can be punctual when it comes to ‘going to mamak to watch footbal’,so why not on other things.

    tipsgoda’s last blog post..YOU LIKE A GIRL.BUT..- 7 Tips So That You Dont Become Her “Girlfriend”

  2. You are right. :) Punctuality determine someone’s personality. There are people seems does not care about punctuality. Unlike countries like Japan, punctuality has been educated and practiced during their school time.

    That’s why. punctuality is important no matter you are going for the first date, interview, meeting or going for a trip.

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