Guy Acted Silly When He Is In Love

Sitting down at your usual hangout, you took a glance at the surrounding. Nothing special, just books. You have been spending most of your time in this library ever since you have started taking up your master’s in construction management last year.

“Will she be here again?” you asked yourself quietly. You gave a heavy sigh.  You glanced at the clock. It’s almost 7p.m. You have been waiting for 7 hours.

“Or has she came over in the morning?” you asked yourself again.  You could not wait anymore. “Perhaps I should try again tomorrow morning. You stood up in disappointment and placed the book on its shelf.

“Wait! I hear footsteps! Could it be hers?”

“Hey, John!”

You heart is pumping fast. “It’s a familiar voice. It’s Marie!” you screamed in heart. Turning around slowly, trying to hide the excitement, you greeted her softly. Your face blushed when you looked at her. Her sweet smile was just so captivating.

“Hi, Marie. It’s really late now. Doing some readings?” you asked.

“Nope. Just drop by to check out some books for a friend. You expecting me?” she replied with a cheeky grin.

“Oh of course not! I’ve just arrived too. Wow that’s really impressive. Which friend of yours? Your boy?”

And the story goes…

From the above scenario, it is obvious the guy was waiting for the girl he has just met not too long ago. As an observer here, he might sound ridiculous to some guys, but some girls might find him silly and yet cute. This is a short and incomplete story, just to give readers a rough idea of how the situation is like when a guy has developed feelings for a girl whom he just made friend with recently.

This situation is one of the many situations that will happen unknowingly when one has fallen in love. There are also cases where some do not even realize that they have fallen for someone who used to piss them off long ago. It will happen naturally in life and can never be stopped from happening. We will have to learn to discover our own feelings and the truth within us.

Read more on my coming posts which will guide on how to identify if you have fallen in love. Good luck!

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  1. It does apply to some guys. Not all. The way I look at it, it probably depends on how “desperate” the guy is. Personally I dont fall in the “desperado” category. Haha..

  2. christy.yong says:

    Yea, and it is a definitely a funny one that reflect those who had experienced it before :P

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