Happy Mother’s Day From Cupid Blogger

Dear all,

Every year on the second Sunday of May, we celebrate Mother’s Day at most of the countries in the world except for some countries celebrate on different date according to Wikipedia.

What about you guys/girls?

Do YOU specific celebrate this auspicious day by following the current trend? Or should you treat every day is mother’s day and bring your mum out for a meal or present at anytime of the year?

Why do some people just like to “SHOW” their love to mum only on specific time which is today? Not at always throughout the year?

Happy Mother’s Day

Besides that, I would like to share a poem which was written by my friend, Mandy dedicated to her mother and every mothers in the world.

Mom, your arms were always open when i need a hug
Your heart understood when i needed a friend
Your gentle eyes were stern when i needed a lesson
Your strength and love has guided me and gave me wings to fly

For everything I am today,
Your love showed me the way.

I’ll love you for all of my days,
For enriching my life in so many ways.
You set me straight and then set me free,

Mom, Thank you
For your guidance and the faith you’ve shown
For giving me a safe place where I have grown
For showing me how to strive
Because of your love
I will survive

You can take place of all others, but whose place no one else can take
I Love you Mom..

Happy MOTHER’S Day especially for my mom, and every mothers around the world..

So how do you celebrate Mother’s Day? Or do you treat everyday is Mothers Day and not because of TODAY due to commercialization and trend?

Would like to hear your thoughts. :)

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  1. Every day’s mother’s day!!! I love her so much, it always brings tears when i visit her.

  2. mandy chen says:

    Dear Simon,

    I dont like to “SHOW” my love to my mommy only on specific time.. as long as she besides me.. i’ll show to her how much i love her..im nothing without her.. i trust nobody besides her..

    So for me mom is my everything since my daddy passed away 10 years ago.. >.<

    • Mandy, you’re right. Ever since we’re born, we are on our parents mind EVERY SINGLE DAY.

      That is why EVERY SINGLE DAY is their day…

      jamie’s last blog post..am i…?

  3. mandy chen says:

    yes.. you are right jamie..it also brings tears when i visit my mom and today.. im so sad.. coz my mom has to go back to my hometown..so, here i am again. alone in this town..waiting for the next CNY to go back and visit her T.T

  4. mandy chen says:

    hahaha.. thanks jamie.. yep, she knows it already.. but i’d be better if i could live with her and see her everyday… ^_^

    and i know that you’re the same.. am i rite?

    • yeah, it always feels better to be with our parents always. and i believe that parents expect very simple things from us… they’re very happy if we are are happy…

      jamie’s last blog post..am i…?

  5. mandy chen says:

    you are right… they’re happy if we are happy.. and they will worry if we’re sick and sad becoz of something…hehehehe

  6. mandy chen says:

    yeah.. i agree with you jamie ^^

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