Happy New Year 2009

Dear all readers,

Happy New Year 2009! In this New Year, Cupid Blogger Dot Com has a brand new tagline – “Spreading Love Over Blogosphere”.

The meaning of love is not only limited to dating or relationship but it also covers family love, friendship love to marriage as well.

In this New Year, resolution is definitely a must. Below is the New Year resolution for Cupid Blogger Dot Com:

  1. Marketing – promote Cupid Blogger Dot Com as one of top love blog in the blogosphere (competition is still not stiff as it is a niche topic)
  2. Advertising – get sponsors for Cupid Blogger Dot Com to cover the operation cost like web hosting, web designing, domain name registration, and website maintenance
  3. Visitors – looking forward to have more than 500 unique visitors per day, and hit 100 readers subscription via RSS feed or Email in the first quarter of 2009.
  4. Traffic – Reaching Top 500,000 in Alexa Ranking and Google Pagerank of PR3 in 3 months time will be our target too  :)

Besides that, Cupid Blogger Dot Com has a completely new design layout today in order to increase loading time and better usability. The blog is powered by WordPress (my favorite blogging platform) and theme design is Visionary by Justin.

Check out the first and the current design layout of Cupid Blogger Dot Com

Cupid Blogger Dot Com Version 1 (Before)


Cupid Blogger Dot Com Version 2 (Current)


What do you think about the new design layout? Any comments that you have in mind to improve Cupid Blogger Dot Com? :)

Do stay tuned for more love tips by Cupid Blogger as Valentines Day is just around the corner. Cheers.

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  1. Great that you set quarterly goals and it makes the revision of the goals easier. It is like taking baby steps to the final goal for the year 2009.

    I like the first version of your design because I am not a magazine style theme fan but it is just me though.

    Good luck in building authority over your niche.

    Wei Liang

    Wei Liang | Earn Money Online’s last blog post..Lesson 23: Earn Money Online With Email Marketing

  2. Hi Wei Liang,

    Happy New Year to you and thanks for dropping by. Well, it is important to set realistic goals and segment it to quarter as it will be easy to see the result in a 3 months period instead of one year :)

    In my opinion, the first version is too colorful and striking tough. Some of my readers complaint that the layout is dull. That is why I change and customized the theme based on reader’s feedback. This theme allows me to switch between normal and magazine layout anytime. Check it out.

    Thanks for your wishes and i just check out your blog too. It find it quite interesting where it has structured lesson on blogging. Added you into my blogroll list. Wish you all the best in this new year.

  3. Hi Cupid Blogger,

    I am sure if you lay down your marketing and advertising plans and goals, you will reach what you want. If you need some advice one building traffic, marketing and increasing Alexa rank.. Would be more than happy to share some with you!

    Hope to see your achievements. Happy 2009 to you!

    Ben Pei’s last blog post..Looking Back 2008 And Welcoming 2009

  4. I appreciate you placing my blog link on your blogroll. Will be waiting for you to give in your input on my lessons as well. Cheers.

    Wei Liang

    Wei Liang | Earn Money Online’s last blog post..Lesson 23: Earn Money Online With Email Marketing

  5. @ Ben Pei,

    Thanks for visiting and your offer to assist me. I really appreciate it with open heart :) Will contact you soon and happy new year to you :)

    @ Wei Liang

    You are most welcome. Will definitely drop and checkout your lesson which will help me as well. Thanks :)

  6. I wish CupidBlogger a lucky 2009 year. This year is gonna be hard.
    Since the economy is going down and everyone need love because love cannot be buy with money.
    So i think you guys can make it. =)
    Every single human need love.
    Gos Bless..


    ChanQingSheng aka ShinChan’s last blog post..Back from Aussie ; Kevin Hii

  7. @ Shin Chan

    It is great to see you drop by Cupid Blogger Dot Com again :) It is indeed true that money cannot buy love. :)

    With your support, i believe we can bring and make Cupid Blogger Dot Com as a top love blog in the blogosphere..that is why the new tagline – “Spreading Love Over Blogosphere” is all about. :)

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