Happy Valentine’s Day From Cupid Blogger

To all my beloved readers,

I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone – “Happy Valentine’s Day” from the bottom of my heart.

For those who are in dating or married, I hope you guys enjoy yourself in whatever plans you have in mind in this beautiful and romantic weekend.

For those who are Single, don’t be despaired if you are not dating at the moment. Don’t stay at home and do nothing, get a life and hangout with friends. Whose knows, you may finally found someone in this auspicious day. Right?

What About Cupid Blogger?

Well, some of you may wonder where and how I am going to celebrate Valentine’s Day? The answer is “Join The Biggest Valentine’s Day Party In Kuala Lumpur”. Yeah, I am going to attend this event as Cupid Blogger Dot Com has contributed in terms of marketing and promotion of the event in the blogosphere and best of all, it is organized by a group of my close friends. Thumbs up to all the organizing committee of Beercamp Party.

By the way, my birthday falls on Valentine’s Day which is TODAY (14th FEBRUARY). What a great day to be born into this wonderful world rite? One of the reason why I brand this love blog as Cupid Blogger Dot Com is because Cupid is somehow related to St Valentine (which is my birthday) but i am not the reborn of St Valentine ok? And Blogger which means an individual who likes to write his/her daily journal or diary in electronic form. Here you go?

Cupid + Blogger  = Cupid Blogger Dot Com

There are pros and cons actually when your birthday falls on Valentine’s Day. The Pros are the entire world (no matter single or dating) is celebrating your birthday in regards of their location and time zone. That is something unique and something to proud on (that’s also the reason i decided to attend the biggest V’day in town).

The Cons are no one (e.g close friends) will be able to celebrate your birthday with you as they will be fully occupied with their couple (for those who is dating) and  the Singles will be busy hunting their Mr/Mrs Right in this special day (if they are really desperate!)

But Cupid, what about your girlfriend?

Good question. The answer is – “I am still single and available?” :)

Latest Updates About Cupid Blogger!

Cupid Blogger Dot Com is a 3months old love and relationship blog since it was launched on 1st December 2008. To spice things up, I am so honored to have my two beloved writers who has been consistently and working diligently contributing unique content to Cupid Blogger Dot Com.

My warmth welcome and thanks to Anya (who is currently based in Melbourne, Australia) and Jamie (who is currently based in Penang, Malaysia) from the bottom of my heart. You girls are awesome.  :)

Do check out Valentine’s Special post by Anya – “My Funny Valentine” and “(M)y (V)alentine” by Jamie.

Cupid Blogger Dot Com also receives a big and surprising gift from Alexa, which is the top web information company about web traffic ranking in the Internet. Since Cupid Blogger launched on 1st December 2008, we were ranked at 3,791,449 in the internet. But as of today, Alexa has ranked Cupid Blogger Dot Com as “TOP 260,424 in the internet” in terms of web traffic ranking.

Without our loyal readers, it is utterly impossible for Cupid Blogger to obtain such benchmark and also without my respected bloggers, Mr Yan Susanto from Blog For Beginners who has guided me to about blogging, internet marketing, and etc. For those who are interested to learn more about blogging tips and effective ways of promoting your blog, do check out his awesome blog here

It is time for me to end this post with my warmest greeting to everyone in Cupid Blogger Dot Com.


PS: Do stay tuned for the picture from Beercamp party for those who is not being able to join us due to geographical location and other commitments. :)

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  1. hey,happy valentine’s day..or should i say Happy birthday?!

    thats the first time i give two wishes at the same time.Anyway bro, keep up the good work and thanks for being in blogosphere.I learn a lot from this blog..

    And i hope my blog (www.TipsGoda.com) will follow in your footsteps and success.

    My alexa ranking has gone down from 4mil to 1 min..long away from Cupidblogger but im progressing (i guess im a slow learner)..hehe

    Jamie and Anya,your article rocks!

    To lovebirds out there..happy Valentine’s Day!;)

    TipsGoda’s last blog post..13 Mistakes To Avoid On Valentine’s Day.Dont Ruin Your Special Love Romance Day

    • @TipsGoda,

      Thanks for your wishes..i am sure tipsgoda will do well as long as you keep on moving forward.

      Do enjoy this lovely day. :)

    • Thanks TipsGoda, we’ll definitely continue to improve to bring more love to the world through our writing. As long as you have a dream and you are willing to work hard towards it… your journey of success will be splendid!

      Wishing you all the best and all the love in the world to watch you through… *hugs*

      Jamie’s last blog post..two sides of a door

  2. Happy Birthday! :)
    and thanks heaps for the compliment.

    I hope all of you enjoy the party! I’m spending my Valentine’s Day cleaning out my bathroom. How much more romantic can it get?!

    Anya’s last blog post..MOTHAEFFFFFFF.

  3. thanks Jamie.cupidblogger,i bet the party rocks..wish i was there man..no pictures?

    TipsGoda’s last blog post..What You Need To Remember After Coming Back From Your Romantic Valentine’s Date.Keep The Fire Burning.

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