Have You Ever…

Have you ever experienced such an incident where you have bumped into an attractive and smart-looking young lady and you felt like knowing her better? You have told your close friends and colleagues about her, asking them on advices such as getting her number, starting a conversation, etc with all sorts of suggested funny actions just to get close to her.

However, you do noticed that there are some other potential guys out there whom you think have outshone you and there you go, giving up without even trying your best to ask her for a date. If that was the case, you will have to realize this: Do not judge a woman by thinking that she will definitely accept someone who has the look or the materials.

A woman who is serious in a relationship will take everything into account, not a mere look or material that he has, but it’s the attitude and the wisdom that rules. And that each lady has different preference individually, so give your best shot! Who knows she might choose you to be her life partner in the future. Life is a scenario of the unexpected.

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