Hottest Single Girl’s Guide to Updating

Earlier this month, we shared dating tips on How To Rock Your Single World. Even though I’m a great supporter of love and being in a relationship, I also believe that sometimes, love can’t be forced. So we’ll just let things be and just let things fall into place naturally. Last Sunday we had our usual hang out among the married, the dating and the single in our group, it daunt on us as we were chatting that our single friends have been visualising/believing that Matt Damons and Josh Harnetts of the world are on a shelf too high to reach.

So, I blurted:

Then it’s time to bring out the step ladder!

Well, I thought this single girl guide to UP dating would do some good to single girls out there… so ENJOY!

How many times have you met a really sweet, cute guy and thought, “Gee he’d be a great catch, but he’d never go for me”? If you do, it’s time to bring out the step ladder!

Why don’t you rate your chances with any guy who’s remotely decent? Because you’re used to dating down, not up!

So many women lack confidence when it comes to meeting men. They think they’re not good enough or ‘in his league’, even when they most definitely are. Instead of settling for Mr. Okay, women should aim high because no one is unattainable when you believe in yourself.

Catch #1
Mr. Gorgeous

Where to find him? 
At the beach, gym, work functions or friends’ parties.
Who he goes for?  The type of girl who’s sweet, natural and relaxed.
How to win him?  Strike up a friendship.

Firstly, you need an encounter and you need to orchestrate it. Sometimes it only takes a fleeting meeting. So the next time you’re around Mr. Gorgeous, introduce yourself. Try to see him as a person rather than a stereotype. Just because he’s attractive doesn’t mean he’s confident or used to women approaching him. It’s probably the opposite – he’s good looking so people are intimidated.

Some of my best guy friends confirmed that guys love friendly, easy-going girls, so just chat about something generic and smile. Ask open-ended questions and share info you think he’ll be interested in, rather than vomiting out all your personal details. It’ll make him keen to learn about this fun girl he’s just met!

Catch #2
Mr. Talented

Where to find him?
  Live gigs, pubs, music festivals and exhibitions.
Who he goes for?  Interesting, inspired and confident women.
How to win him?  Get on his level.

Great musicians, writers and artists have a huge passion in their lives, so proving you’re equally inspiring is key. Guys who have it going on upstairs like girls with wits and substance, which means you can go a bit deeper on the conversation level. Just avoid reeling off your CV, hogging the chat time or turning into a ball buster who competes with him on every issue otherwise, you might scare him away!

Catch #3
Mr. Popular

Where to find him?
  Cool bars, footy games, rowing clubs or the races.
Who he goes for?  Girls who are flexible, positive and vibrant.
How to win him?  Appeal his fun side.

Getting some one-on-one time with the guy who’s always the life of the party can be like trying to pin down a Tasmanian devil on Red Bull. So this is where your friends come in. if you’re at a social event, approach him and his posse in a group. Then, while your friends talk to his mates, you can strike up a conversation with him.

In order for this to work, you need to surround yourself with people who support you. True friends should highlight your good points in front of potential partners, not bring you down.

Eye contact and open body language are also tops for getting his attention. Compliment him on something specific. Just don’t go overboard when you’re with lively guys. There’s no need to take home a ‘sexier dancer’ or ‘loudest laughter’ prize. If you’re charming, he’ll be clamouring over his fans to get to you.

Catch #4
Mr. Sophisticated
Where to find him?  Hotel bars, hot restaurants or charity events.
Who he goes for?  Warm, gracious, capable girls.
How to win him?  Respect yourself.

It pays to know how to impress a guy who can tell his merlots from his Verdelhos. Women who hold themselves well will always catch the eye of a sophisticated guy. Show him you value yourself by standing straight and taking pride in your appearance.

Confident women also know how to accept compliments. Instead of denying you have nice eyes, just smile, say thank you and look directly into his. On another note, chances are he’s older than you and mixes with a lot of cultured people. So if you’re a bit worldly, up on current events and have your own thing going on, he’ll be inviting you to meet mama and papa in no time.

Moral of the story?

Be your best self!

When Johnny Depp talked about meeting girlfriend, Vanessa Paradis, he said she was a “sweet, cool, funny girl”.

When pro golfer, Tiger Woods, revealed why he was attracted to wife, Elin, he said, “She’s so much like me… very competitive, very feisty.

And when Lleyton Hewitt talked of wife, Bec, he gushed that she has got “the warmest heart I’ve ever seen.”

It’s a fact, great guys fall for your inner qualities. So don’t be someone you’re not, just show off your best bits and go for Mr. Perfect. Because you deserve it!

Note: Sista, you know this post is dedicated to you. Love always and hugs!

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  1. Catch #1 to Catch #4 all of Single Girl’s are great i think Catch #1 is my favorite girl fore me.

    • seo87, Mr Gorgeous is very attractive, but i love Mr Talented, BUT i’m not sure if i’m an inspiring woman… *smile*

  2. there are only 4 groups?..hehe..i wanna be a hybrid of that group..:)

  3. Wow, looks like you did a good research in this. haha

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