How Do You Know When Your Marriage Is Over

Are you currently suffering from a marriage that seems to be gifted with lots of predicaments, turbulence, and problems? Are you already at the verge of realization that you marriage is over or it’s simply nearing to its end?

How come that you have come to the point of realization that your marriage is over or nearing to its final chapter? Have you seen significant signs that tell you the right status of your marriage?

Marriage is a sacred union of two individuals and when marriage on fire takes place, we cannot help but expect the unexpected. The problems can either be remedied or the marriage is going to bade goodbye to both parties.

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So How Will you Ever Know if Your Marriage is Over?


To tell whether your marriage is over or not, the following signs will help you determine your current marriage status.

#1 Dreaming of Another Life

When you dream of a new life without your pair then there is a probability for a divorce. This holds true when you do this dreaming oftentimes without your spouse in the picture. What you need this time is a divorce lawyer or a marriage therapist.

#2 Bad Outweighs Good 

When bad things occur or happen most of the time, chances are your marriage is over or will be over. A professional counselor will help you with this but if you don’t really care, it’s a big chance for the marriage to be over.

#3 Keeping Secrets

It’s simply a way of shutting down your communication line with your partner. Keeping secrets on your own is a sign of distrust. Take note that trust is one of the major foundations of a lasting relationship.

#4 Defense Mechanisms: Work Overtime

If you or your pair seems to be too defensive then this can create havoc to your marriage. Defense mechanism always takes place each time you have to contempt on the other and you feel like they always get on you about something. In addition, defense mechanisms stop you to have a healthy conversation with your pair, thus making it impossible to mend a particular problem.

#5 Feeling Like a Loner

This is true when it’s you alone who always makes time and effort to save your marriage. As the famous saying goes, “It takes two to tango.” The dance of marriage life will most likely end when only one knows how to dance with the music.

#6 No Sex

If you rarely or don’t have sex with your partner at all then this is a big sign of a crumbling marriage. Experts say that a normal couple would have few sexual intercourse in a week or in a month. Having no sex at all simply means the emotional connection between you has been pulled away.

#7 Marriage Doesn’t Fit to the Plans

If this is the scenario then marriage is indeed shaky. For example, if the wife wants a career change and does not consult the thing to her husband then this indicates that the marriage is not the top priority of the wife; it’s enough reason to say marriage is over.

#8 When One Becomes Verbally Abusive

‘verbally abusive’ simply entails the use of derogatory criticisms and comments and can often result into heated arguments, anger, hatred, and the common cliché: “marriage is over.”


Obviously, there are many different signs that can help you spell out marriage crisis. Now if you want to bring back the old loving feeling, you should make ways to relive the communication line which has been pulled away from both of you.

The two of you should have an open heart and mind to talk about every problem in your relationship.And with the right marriage advice, you will never ever say, “marriage is over!”

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