How To Approach Your Crush For A Date?

You have got a crush and yet you have no idea of asking him/her for a date. You are afraid that he/she might reject you and give you the weird look. Perhaps you are afraid that it will be hard to approach him/her again in the future, just in case if he/she rejects you. Some of you are shy by nature and find this tough. Some are talkative to everyone else in the world but not to the crush! In fact, these two groups of people are experiencing the same situation: Speechless when it comes to asking their crush for a date. Here are some tips to approach your crush:

1. Take things easy and talk to your crush as how you do to your friends. Don’t get nervous. Your crush doesn’t bite!

2. Ask your crush if he/she is doing fine with everything lately.

3. Show concern as a friend if your crush is having lots on his/her mind, offer help as well.

4. If your crush mentioned that he/she needs help, do offer and see what you can do about it. If your crush said that he/she will be able to settle it on his/her own, do not persist then. Just tell him/her that you will stand by his/her side and if he/she ever needs anything, feel free to ask.

5. Get to know about your crush: Hobbies, Interests, Hangouts, Favorite Food, Favorite Music (genre), etc.

6. Get to know if your crush has any dislikes on particular things or places

7. Ask your crush if he/she has any plans on the coming weekends.

8. Schedule a date with your crush!

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  1. To attract your crush attention. 1st you must do something attractive. Do not do something that show your weakness out. For example, you dont know to play badminton but you ask her and your group of friends go.
    You played badly and she wont be attracted to you anymore.
    I think. XD

    Show your inner strenght. Your leadership and more.

    After getting know your crush details. Be sure to act fast! for example you know when is her bday . Offcouse a present will touch her heart.

    ShinChan’s last blog post..Happy Birthday Katty

  2. It is crucial for us to cover our weakness and only portrait your strength…there is no strategy or tactics..

    Just have to be your self…

  3. christy.yong says:

    Thanks for the additional information, Shin Chan :)

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