How To Be Romantic: 50 Very Simple Ways

Don’t get me wrong that Valentine’s Day is the only time of the year to be romantic.

My initial plan for showing you these fifty ways to be romantic is to come up with a simple experiment and at the end of the month, you can see how magical things happen in your relationship after showing small yet different ways of showing your love and affection to your partner.

If you think that things go so badly between you and your partner then these fifty splendid ways can help you handle yourself to be romantic; they are indeed essential ways that will help you break the ice between the two of you.

On the other hand, if everything between the two of you is already good, these steps to be romantic will help you strengthen and intensify your relationship further.

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Have You Been Searching for Effective Ways to be Romantic?

Try to give a shot on the following ways on how to be romantic.

1.”I Love You” should not only be uttered; you can have this powerful phrase written on the bathroom mirror after your partner has taken the shower.


2. With a sweet-scented lotion, offer your partner a sensual back massage.


3. Are you poetic? Even if you were not born to be a poet, you can make some poems. Search on the internet for the German or French translation of your poem. Write the vernacular version in front of the paper and the translation at the back of it. You can read the poem passionately and give them the poem’s translation so they can understand the meaning of your poem.


4. Saying “I love you” is a thing one should be proud of even when expressed in the public. So whether you are a boy or a girl, it’s a good way to be romantic to express “I love you, Brandy!” or “I love you, Bob!” publicly.


5. Create or burn a CD wherein you can compile songs that mean a lot to both of you.


6. Invite your partner to have a good bath with a complete romantic set of romantic symbols like bubbles, candles, champagne, and a romantic music as your background.


7. Give your partner some surprises. Say, surprise them at their work and take them out for lunch. A take-out food eaten at the park with your partner is a small yet effective way to be romantic and spend an ordinary day with a romantic interlude.


8. Put a small gift on your partner’s pillow. A small box of chocolate with a love note can do the trick. Simply say, “You’re like a chocolate to me – delicious and sweet!”


9. Deliver some flowers to your partner when he or she is attending an off-site location work. This makes him/her think they are special and remembered.


10. Call your partner to listen to the radio then call the DJ and dedicate a song to your partner. Sweet, indeed and it’s a good way to be romantic.


11. Treat your partner to a special dinner; no, not outside but at home. Be romantic by cooking his/her favorite food and set a romantic dinner with low lights or candle lights and romantic music to enhance the ambience.


12. Give him/her a foot spa or pedicure.


13. Send emails and text messages conveying the words “I love you.”


14. Send a card through mail and jot down ten of the nicest things you love about him/her.


15. Leave a note in his or her car telling him/her to have nice day.


16. Carve or engrave your initials on a tree.


17. Give your partner a great, big kiss on a time he or she doesn’t expect you to do it. You may want to do it in public, too!


18. Go out and see a romantic movie together. Sit behind the front rows, hold hands, embrace, and cuddle.


19. Declare a day specially meant for your partner. It’s a day wherein he/she can do whatever he/she wants.


20. Ask your partner to plant a tree with you and explain to them that the tree symbolizes your growing love to them over the years.


21.When your partner talks about the many things and chores he/she performed in a day, try to interrupt him/her and say “I’ve a very important thing to say to you.” Aside from telling your partner “I love you,” show him/her a list of the five things you really appreciate about him/her. End it with a kiss the let him/her go on with what he/she was formerly saying.


22. Have fun writing an old fashioned, traditional, and lavishly written love letter and send it to him/her.


23. When attending a party, don’t forget to come up with secret codes which only the two of you can understand at the party. It’s such a nice way to be romantic, indeed!


24. Be Romantic and find a hotel with a Jacuzzi and treat your partner for a one-night fun and getaway.


25. You can also place your “I love you” in the newspaper’s classified ads. Wrap the newspaper with a little note about the page he/she needs to look on; give it to your partner.


26. Put a blindfold to your partner then take him/her to the first place you two first met or dated. Spend another momentous day on that place over again!


27. Writing a love poem to your partner works. Try it.


28. Cut some paper in the shape of a heart and place a romantic note on it. Put the heart on her purse or in his briefcase.


29. If your partner is going far away, you can be romantic by means of hiding a romantic note inside his/her luggage.


30. Take time to offer help to your partner on some of the dreaded chores at home. Make the chore done in a fun way, maybe with plenty of music to keep the ambience alive.


31. Try to invent a new recipe and name it after your partner.


32. Use body paint in writing your love thoughts on your body.


33. One way to be romantic is to have your voice recorded on a CD. The record can be you who are reading a love poem meant for your partner. Ask your partner to play the CD in his/her car or while they are on their way to work.


34. Create a small postcard. At the other side, write love messages then mail it to your partner.


35. Collect small mementos which mean a lot to both of you. One day, you can have these mementos arranged and framed.


36. Give him/her underwear with special messages written on it; or you can have your own with customized messages you’ve done yourself.


37. Send a card to your love one and tell him/her you are a lucky person who has had the opportunity to spend the rest of his/her life with him/her.


38. Collect all cards, pictures, letters, and other romantic mementos and have them placed in a box. You can bring these things out during your anniversary or Valentine’s Day and start recollecting those good old moments together.


39. Think of all the things you love about your pair and create those things into a card.


40. Take a walk at the beach together. Write romantic words on the sand and let him/her read them.


41. Say “I love you” often and do it slowly, sensually, and with lots of feelings.


42. Treat your partner with an “I love you” day wherein you can go out together and do things that will make you happy.


43. Create small posters conveying the words “I love you.” Post them on the walls of the bathroom, in his/her car, closet, under the pillow, or even on the pillow.


44. Send your love one an electronic card to brighten his/her day.


45. Create a blog or a little website for your partner wherein you can post your daily love messages for the rest of your life.


46. Do the favor which has been asked or requested to you by your partner for a long time now.


47. Take time to show kindness, generosity, thoughtfulness, and love even for a day.


48. Take time to enjoy the things that interest your partner. When you do this, always remember that you should be doing it with spirit and a whole lot of love, fun, and enthusiasm.


49. Make a donation to the charity with the name of your love to your partner as the name of you as the donor.


50. Aside from telling your “I love you” in the public, you can also be romantic by whispering it on his/her ears. This will surely make him/her feel thrilled and excited each time you do it.


At any rate, I am quite sure that all of these ways will definitely help you get on the ways to be romantic and become the most romantic person in the life of your partner.

Have these small yet powerful ways tried and you’ll see. At the end of the day, magical things will most likely happen and these will surely strengthen your relationship along the way.

Have we forgotten something? Do you have more ideas on your mind? Feel free to leave your comments and questions below. 

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