How to Choose An Engagement Ring: 5 Tips

Choosing an engagement ring is never an easy task.

Of course, some couples end up doing it together, and occasionally a woman will even pick out her own ring following a proposal.

But for men trying to pick out the perfect ring before proposing, there are a number of factors to consider, and there’s a great deal of pressure involved in the process.

engagement ring

Here are 5 general tips that can help you along the way to finding the ideal engagement ring.

1. Choose A Stone First

While diamonds are still the most popular options when it comes to the precious stones in engagement rings, it has become somewhat trendy to choose alternative stones. Many attribute this development to the worldwide popularity of Kate Middleton’s sapphire engagement ring. Regardless, alternative stones are more of an option than ever before, and since the stone is the most eye-catching element to a ring, a good first step is to choose your stone.

2. Consider Her Personality

Sounds obvious, right? Surprisingly, because diamond rings have so many features, and there is so much variety between them, many men become overwhelmed and forget this most basic tip. Your bride-to-be’s personality should play a huge role in your selection process. Knowing her fashion preferences and stylistic tendencies will give you an idea of what style of ring to shoot for.

3. Look Into Trends

In addition to your fiancé’s personal preferences, you may also want to look into engagement ring trends to help narrow down your options. For example, these days some of these trends include vintage-inspired rings, alternative gemstones (as mentioned previously), and engagement rings with multiple diamonds, such as trinity or eternity rings. It’s not always necessary to opt for the trend choice, but using trends to narrow down options can be very helpful.

4. Know Your Diamonds

Once you become confident in what style of ring you want to purchase, it becomes important to understand the differences between diamonds. At many diamond stores, such as 77 Diamonds online, you have the option to select an individual stone, which means understanding diamond makeup and quality becomes important. Consider researching the 4 C’s of diamonds – Cut, Clarity, Colour and Carat – for starters.

5. Trust Your Own Eye

Finally, remember to trust your own eye. Choosing an engagement ring is difficult, but don’t forget how personal it really is. This isn’t to say that your preferences will automatically align with hers. But don’t discount your own eye when you look through selections of rings.

An engagement ring is, in some ways, the most romantic gift you can give, and that means that the selection process should ultimately belong in your own heart and eye.

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  1. Great tip for guys. You shouldn’t always rely on the sales rep for advice.

  2. I’d prefer to be surprise, that would be so romantic and it’s amazing if man could choose a design that would fit my personal taste and of course his taste. This is a good read thanks for the article.

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