How to Get a Girl to Like You: 15 Effective Ways

Is there a way to get a girl to like you? Of course, there is a way. In fact, there ARE many ways to make those girls to like you or make them fall for you and crave for you often! Maybe you feel interested about these ways, don’t you?

To get a girl to like you, you need to come up with some tested ways to make your move something successful. There are actually many of these ways on the internet but do they really work?

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Are you Thinking of Ways to Get a Girl to Like You?

This time, try these 15 essential and proven ways to help you get a girl to like you. In the end, you will realize that these ways are not like any other.

1. Have a Great Deal of Self-Confidence – take note that women simply love men with a high sense of confidence so you need to develop this trait for your own good. But keep in mind that you should not be doing this for the sake of her but for yourself instead. You as a person with good social value can be trusted by others. Have aspirations and ambitions in life. All of these are factors that’ll help you get a girl to like you.


2. Have a Great Deal of Passion – a passionate man attracts many women as these women will definitely fall for you because of your nature as a person. To make this happen, you have to find a particular thing which you love a hundred percent and be able to pursue it. Passionate men are attractive because they have a great sense of focus at everything they do.


3. Develop or Improve Your Sense of Humor – a lot of women feel so much disappointed during a date with a guy who has no sense of humor at all. Learning this kind of trait is a way of showing your girl the kind of interest you have towards the different faces of life. However, it is very important to take note that you should be always in full control of the different situations whenever you need to become humorous to your girl.


4. First Impressions Last – since first impressions really last, it is very important to create one that will surely last in the mind of the girl you are impressing. So when you meet a girl for the first time, cast a character of yours that will be embedded in the senses of the girl. But you must not come out as someone who is desperate.


5. Exude Energy from the Inside – women are not born to be over expressive so most of the rime, their lives are boring. As a result, they often crave for excitement and fun. If you’ve got that inner energy, she will most likely think of you as her source of fun and excitement. It’s a sure hit way to get a girl to like you, indeed!


6. Be a Keen Observer – being a keen observer to a girl means gaining the girl’s emotional connection with you. Learn to listen to anything that she says most particularly on the things that have something to do with her emotions. In the end, you’ll find her trusting you.


7. Be a Man with a Life – this simply means you as a man having a good direction on life. Get yourself busy, don’t just sit here and there talking useless things. Work with purpose and always follow what your passion says.


8. Be an Alpha Male – a guy who is an Alpha Male is also called optimistic. If you know how to take care and solve your problems then you can be a leader. A leader has all the attention of the women around and easier to get a girl to like you.


9. Be Yourself – this is considered as a very old adage but proves to be very effective especially when it comes to the ways on how to get a girl to like you. This is a very special tactic for the guy to attract the girls around them. By simply showing off their nice attributes, guys will definitely enjoy its fruits: to get the attention of the girls whom they are impressing on.


10. Be Charming – who says that only gals need to be charming? Guys should do it too! Many women simply love guys who are charming. If you have charmed a girl then this will give you the best opportunity to get nearer to her, know her much better and gain her trust in you. Well, this is one of the relationship tips that can be intimidating to most men out there but I’ll tell you what: this is considered as one of the most effective tips to get a girl to like you.


11. Show Her Some Respect – to give respect does not only mean being a friend to her. To show respect, you need to learn to listen attentively to her, engage her, and always find time to bring in happiness to her.


12. Flirt with Her – never get stuck on the friend zone with the girl. If you really like a girl, you need to take time flirting with her too! By flirting, you are taking yourself and the girl out of your fear zones. This way, you will develop your comfort zones which will help you eliminate wrong insinuations and beliefs.


13. Compliment the Girl – there are many ways on how to be romantic and complimenting your girl is one of the best ways to do so. Tell her you like her dress; she looks gorgeous and sexy with her makeup; her voice sounds sexy and seductive over the phone, etc. complimenting a girl can make her fall for you, that’s true.


14. Make Her Feel Smart – acknowledge every little thing she says. This is especially true when she’s relaying something new to you. Appreciating her will make her feel smart and this will boost her feminine side towards you.


15. Make Her Smile or Laugh – this is important to keep the ambience sound and lively. If you can make the girl laugh and smile, this means you are on the right way to get a girl to like you.


So those are the proven methods which can help you attract girls. Take time to master them and you’ll surely find your way to get a girl to like you effectively!

Do you have more ideas or ways on how to get a girl to like you? Feel free to leave your comments and questions below. 

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