How To Get a Guy to Like You With 12 Simple Steps

Of the many different types of relationship questions that abound on the internet, the question “How to get a guy to like you?” is one of the most common questions asked by many women all over the world today so relationship tips and advice are common on many websites today.

In order to know how to get a guy to like you the way you want, it seems like an impossible thing and I can relate on that, too. I’m also a girl and I know the feelings of a woman who wants to be liked by a particular guy of her dreams.

To get a guy to like you should not be done the hard way even if guy try to play hard to get with a girl.

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Searching for How To Get a Guy to Like You? Can’t Wait for those Ways to Start Rolling on?


The following tips on how to get a guy to like you that I am going to share you are based from my personal experience. Each of these things I’ve already tried and I can say that all of the boys who I’ve tried these techniques on happened to be enraptured right from the beginning.

As a matter of fact, these guys would usually stand or sit lovingly in front of me and listen to every word I said. I was overwhelmed by the fact that these guys simply acted as if I was the only girl they see on the face of the planet. And if for some reasons these guys had to leave, it must be their home needs their presence due to certain emergency situations.

The truth is that none of the guys I’ve met have had the heart to say “I don’t like you because you’re talking none sense.” Up to these days, I’m still a proud single woman because I still enjoy the way guys liked me. This time, I am sharing some of the ways to help you get in the ways to master how to get a guy to like you.


1. Tell the Guy the Story of Your Life – Read to learn how to get a guy to like you?  You have to always remember that every guy who is going to take you out for a date will not be interested on you unless you tell him your life story.

The reason of him, taking you out for a date is to know you much better and this is the best opportunity for you to spill out everything about your life (although it is expected that you should not tell the guy all of your personal secrets.)

Just try to be cautious but sincere and everything will go in the right places. You will surely get on the way on how to get a guy to like you.


2. Let Him Know You Like His Music – Guys are music lovers too and they usually live by their own kind of music. If your guy loves rap then let him know that you know some rap lines, too.

If they are into rock then you can learn to love rock music too. There are lines from those songs that can be easily understood by the guys and they really love them true. This will be an effective way on how to get a guy to like you.


3. Talk About Your Ex – When you get to talk about your ex BFs, you are simply showing him that you are comfortable talking about any kind of subjects or topics and you already get the hang of it. Keep in mind that guys also need to know your insights about your past relationships so that they can take time to adjust in the situation you two are in.

In fact, I handed my former guys with a list of my ex’ information; because of this, they will be able to see which particular traits to emulate and which they don’t have to. This way, the guys looming around me will know where to stand.


4. Let the Guy Know that You Won’t Have Sex with Him Until the Twenty-Third Date – This is a very important thing that you need to do first before sleeping with a guy. There is nothing to be ashamed of about it.

Just go ahead and squeal it. Remember that any guy who will date you 23 times is considered interested and well-determined. Doing this tactic will also help you separate the pretenders from the contenders.


5. Schedule a Time for the Guy to Meet Your Mom – They say that mother knows best. In regard to this, you have to spare an early schedule for the guy to meet your mom.

This will allow the guy to learn all sorts of things from your mom and it’s indeed a great way to know how to get a guy to like you.


6. Bring Your Kids to your Date – This is for those who already have kids. There’s no sense of hiding things that will be eventually known by your date.

This is a good time to introduce them to your guy and this will allow him to realize you as someone who is brave enough to show off your kids to him.


7. Make Him Feel Important – Guys simply love the feeling of being given importance by the girl. There are many different things that are important to us girls, alright but the importance given to a guy should be treated differently as guys are born to love and like women.


8. Buy your Guy a Ferret – Ferrets are sexually dimorphic predators but are considered as domesticated mammals. All guys simply love ferrets.

Just buy one and your guy will be happy and you’ll be on your way to learn how to get a guy to love you.


9. Bring Him Along in Your Shopping Sprees – If a guy is serious about you then he will be more than willing to go with you on your shopping. Shopping female items like tampons with a guy makes you assured that the guy is a certified keeper.


10. Bring Your Guy to Your Quilting Class – 1 out of 15 guys like quilting and this is a way to test your guy. If the guy won’t give up quilting then he is someone who is really patient.


11. Call your Guy Three or More Times a Day – This can be romantic alright and it’s a good way to determine whether the guy likes you or not. In most cases, a person becomes uninterested in a person after a few minutes.

To test his level of interest on you, calling him at least three times will do the trick. If he answers you light-heartedly, then this is an indication that you’re on the right way on how to get a guy to like you.


12. Wear Your Natural Scent – Guys prefer women in their natural odor. If you are to meet a guy, schedule not to take a shower three or four days before your date.

On your date, you will know whether or not the chemistry is there and chemistry is an important thing in a relationship. If you have that so-called chemistry then you will surely find magic!

So, no more worries this time. If you want to learn the ways on how to get a guy to like you, the above-mentioned tips will surely help you achieve your goal. Work on them and you’ll see in the end.


Any thoughts? What do you think about the post on how to get a guy to like you? Leave your questions and comments below. 

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  1. WTF if anything these steps will do nothing but push them away…

  2. Are you kidding me?!? Call him three times a day, everyday??? Talk about your ex?!? DON’T SHOWER FOR FOUR DAYS!?!?! QUILTING CLASS??? I HATE quilting!

    Oh… this is a joke. I knew that. Totally a joke.

  3. hahaha, this is actually opposite of what you should do :D

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