How to Get Over a Break Up

Get over a break up is one of the hardest part when two people decided to break up and end a relationship.

After all the loving and the caring they have spent together, why do they have to break up and say goodbye for good?

Breaking up is indeed one of the realities in all relationships and acceptance is one of the best ways to deal with it in regardless break up with a guy or girl.


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Looking for helpful ways to recuperate and get over a break up?

There are different recipes to help you overcome a broken relationship and the following are essential ways to help you with it.

  • Be Honest

There is no sense to live in a world of fantasy. Although you still feel that you love your partner, he/she has at least found certain grounds that triggered him/her to break up with you.

Try to be honest with yourself. Reflect on the things which have caused your pair to break up with you.

After you have realized everything, the best way to deal with it is to accept the fact that you have made things which caused him/her to leave you and you need to start a new life without your ex partner.


  • Be Smart

Take note that there are no psychological shortcuts when it comes to mend a broken heart.

Learn different ways to heal your broken heart.

Keep in mind that you are not the only one who suffers from such conflicts and predicaments in life.

Be smart enough to handle your situation and instill into your mind that your ex isn’t the only one who can love you the way you do.


  •  Boost Your Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem

After a break up, it is more likely that your mind is preoccupied with things about your ex.

What is he doing right now?

Remember that it will be hard to recuperate from the break up when you spend much of your time thinking about your ex.

Do things that will boost your self-confidence and self-esteem.

In time, your ex would perhaps realize that you are a big loss on his part when he sees you to be someone different after the break up.


  • Keep Yourself Busy

According to those who have experienced breaking up with their loved ones, one of the best get over a break up therapies is to keep one’s self busy.

You can join art classes, attend church gatherings, involve yourself in different worthwhile activities, and other things that can help you transform come up with positive outlooks in life.

Aside from helping you forget, such activities also pay you great rewards in the process.


  • Stay Away from Alcohol

Many desperate people seek refuge by drowning themselves into alcohol.

This is a very wrong way to deal with break up situations.

Alcohols are depressants and will never ever help you in any way, keep that in mind.


  • Socialize

Living alone in your comfort zone is not a good idea when dealing with break up situations.

Get out of your shell and learn to socialize.

Who knows, mingling and keeping in touch with other people could be the key to open another chapter in your love life.


Breaking up is really painful but with the tips mentioned above, recuperating becomes easier than what you might be thinking of.

If you are currently nursing get over a break up situation, don’t you think these tips will help you?


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  1. I m longing love much more after being separated from my wicked husband .i hv passed difficult times but presently engaged in teaching children. I had a ph frn he got married n i m all alone.but i need do i fill this gap.pls help

  2. ummmm, i didnt break up with him yet thats y im on this sight so i can figure out a easy way to do it..

    • vannesa, just be honest to him and let him down easy. Just go up to him and say” I think we should se other people, im sorry”

  3. hey, i really appreciate all the tips u’v been posting on d net but i have a problem and really need an advice on what to do. i have a baby with this girl and right now we live in two seperate towns and i just feel she can be cheating on me cus that concern and care dat useto be between us is no longer there. i feel so bad.please tell me what to do


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