How to Identify If You Have Fallen in Love – Part 1

As I have promised in the previous article, I will come up with this: How to identify if you have fallen in love which has been summarized into 3 posts. Enjoy…

1. As the very person approached, you can feel your heartbeats faster, feeling breathless; your palms might sweat, you can’t stop smiling even though you blushed, and you feel a tingling sensation all over your body. (This can even happen when you start thinking of him/her). When this very person starts a conversation with you, you might even stammer a little, looking silly but cute.

2. It is also about emotions when you have fallen in love. You just can’t wait for him/her to appear in front of you and when he/she does, you will have an uncontrollable smile. You love it very much when the very person is around. You love his/her companion and you keep seeking towards chances that will bring you both together, no matter what reason it is. When this person leaves, you feel like begging him/her not to go but knowing that you can’t do so, you can only miss him/her so much that will drive you so crazy over it.

3. You keep thinking of this special person and you just can’t get him/her out of your mind. You love looking at his/her picture and smile foolishly at it. Everything that relates to this special person will always be on your mind, no matter what they do, from the way they clean up their room to how they smell after their gym workout and best of all, you find this person cute in any ways!

4. Another normal reaction that will happen is that you will worry much for this person when he/she is not around. You will keep waiting for the person to assure you that he/she is back home safely, you will wonder if he/she enjoys the meal that you cooked/recommended, and you will also worry about his/her well-being. These worries are extremely normal and it happens naturally to those who are in love.

What do you think guys? I would like to hear from you about your personal experience. Spill it out using the comment form below.

Coming up tomorrow: How to identity if you have fallen in love: Part 2

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  1. So sweet. But i think after the first love, things don’t happen those ways.

    I’m in the second love, sometimes i tried to find the first feeling with this one, but it didn’t work, about the heart’s fast beats, the emotions… though i’m so in love with this one… Finally, first love will always be the most special memory.

  2. Well, first love is always the most special one comparing to others…nothing can replaced that first time feeling.

    No matter you encountering good or bad experience, you will remember it for the rest of your life and perhaps maybe share it with your grandchildren 20 years down the road…

    Đức Uy, All the best in your second love.

  3. You know what? It’s been a while since I had that feeling. Well, no words can describe the feeling well. All I can say, I did enjoy every bit of that moments of sheer bliss and still cherish them in my heart till today.


  4. Mas Yan,

    Thanks for dropping by our blog. You are absolutely correct. Just no is about enjoying every moment no matter it is good or bad everyone learn and mature from experience…

  5. great post. touched the deepest feeling in my heart…

  6. i call that infatuation. lol
    anyway to many ppl, that’s what “falling in love” is.

  7. christy.yong says:

    LOL. Thanks for your comment, arglieboy :) Different people have different perceptions. Perhaps that’s what they have encountered and that they are living with it happily till today. Thanks for reading anyway :)

  8. @LiewCF

    Thanks for dropping pleasure to have you visit and read our blog post…:)


    It is not have to identify whether are u in love or is all about you and your inner feelings…thanks for your comments :)

  9. errr…
    good job!!

  10. christy.yong says:

    Thanks Wen Boy =)

  11. im delighted to say tat im actually in 1st love where it can also be considered second love tho the 1st was too short to consider a 1st which wasnt official. Im dating a gf whos dated multiple guys since her early teens, and talking about experience shes had em more than me and i wonder if it matters to her and if theres a tendency of comparing me with the exes, but this wud be our 1st adult relationship tho, so i think the process of getting in love for her is normal and routined but for me its not so sometimes i cudnt feel the real affection and pure love from her tho and id tend to doubt and feel insecure about myself.
    any advice wud be appreciated here ;)

  12. First, comparison shouldn’t be made in a relationship. It sounds like a real insult to the other partner when the the partner starts talking bout the experience they have been through with their exes. It is a definite no-no! Talk to you gf about how you feel about it instead of keeping all in your heart. Affection and love should be felt in a relationship itself. Try to talk to your gf about your doubts, insecurities and whatever you’ve felt in your relationship. Once she has explained it all, and you are satisfied with the clarification, learn to trust her and accept her for what she is. A relationship without trust will oly lead to one and only way- DESTRUCTION. So, talk and trust her, Stud. All the best :)

  13. Eddy Effendi says:

    Hi Stud.
    There is always a time for everything.
    Are you in a serious relationship with her now? Try to discuss you feeling with her, it will help…

  14. christy.yong says:

    Yes, Stud, Eddy is right. This is a crucial communication with your partner. Talk to her. Communicate your thoughts :)

  15. thanks Cupidblogger. How true indeed. Well ive made all my doubts, insecurities and everything clear and these led to most of the arguments when my ego gets in the way coz naturally id want to be the best among the rest.Tho for the moment everything is fine and that theres no comparison. But the insecurities that ur not her preference sometimes disturbs.
    and EddyEffendi, sounds like ur a christian here when u said tat “theres a time for everything” lol
    well yeap a serious one and it helps alot tho i just dislike being the lower ranked guy.

  16. christy.yong says:

    Stud, you know what, when you try clearing those doubts and get the clarifications, try not to let your ego take over your rational piece of mind :) Because arguments and all happen when you are ego( believing in things that you’ve said-YOU ARE RIGHT AND SHE’S WRONG THEORY). Don’t talk back when she clarifies, and stick to what she has just clarifies. Listen and believe in her as what she has just said. But if you just can’t do it, and you keep having those doubts still, try to approach her again. Talk about it. Though you might quarrel during your conversations, keep things calm. Listen to her feelings instead of listening to her words alone. Listening to feelings and words will at least, give you a clearer clarification.

    If she has said things that have cleared your insecurities (on the spot itself), just stick to it and believe in her. If she doesn’t gives you the securities YET in the conversation, talk to her again, till you are sure. But, if she has explained and you have AGREED on DAY 1, and you have doubts AGAIN on DAY 2 or 3, forget it. It’s your lack of trust that is causing you to think of this.

    What do you think?

  17. Christy,

    Thanks for the detailed explanation. I am sure Christy opinion will help Stud in a way…all the best :)

  18. ok..true. guess shud talk to her bout it. Ok this one’s ok i cud handle these insecurieties. thanks for the info and advice :)

  19. great this blog..:)

    tipsgoda’s last blog post..The Word ‘Sayang’ and The Word ‘Love’.Read So You Dont Do This Mistake

  20. hi tipsgoda,

    thanks for visiting.

  21. christy.yong says:

    Hey tipsgoda :) Thank you for loving this blog. I’m glad that you like the post here :)

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