How to Identify If You Have Fallen in Love – Part 2

From the previous article, we have discussed the first part of identification if you have fallen in love. We shall go on with part 2 now.

1. Have you guys ever heard of the phrase “Love is blind”? I personally think that love is not blind. It simply enables us to see the inner beauty of the person, clearer than anyone else can see. When one is in love, he/she will have more positive thoughts of the special person. He/She will focus more on the goodness of the special person, thus falling in love deeper than ever.

2. You care for this person much. You have the tendency to feel that everything that he/she does seems to relate to you. To love others, one must learn to love themselves. You can’t deny that you love this person more than yourself. You value this person much and when their feelings fluctuate, you feel the same way too. You care for his/her happiness and well-being more than your self’s. You want this person to be happy even if you can’t be by his/her side under certain circumstances. You are always well-prepared to be by their side whenever is needed, without having told.

3. You don’t mind giving up certain aspects or good things in your life in order to be with them. You don’t mind making time for the person you love as long as you can spend some quality time with him/her. You do not feel obliged to spend on him/her such as buying him the latest necktie design imported from Paris or bringing her to fine dining by the seaside with a big bouquet of roses. In fact, you will feel satisfied with the things you have done for the special person even though you have to eat the same food at some hawker stall for the rest of the weeks.

4. You just love the feeling of togetherness. The feeling is so serene and calm, so comfortable and enjoyable. When this special person is not around, you feel loneliness and uncomfortable. All you want is to be with him/her, no matter what you do. You want to share everything you could with this person. You want to hold and hug him/her tight, share a bed, and live with him/her. It’s a concept of two into one. You begin to consider his/her feelings, desires and needs

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  1. what you call this situation when your love one play behind you and u know already but you still want her no matter how eventhough this thing happen again and again… but you just close your eyes… this is what i call love is blind… :)

  2. christy.yong says:

    Dear Hajib, if a person closes his/her eyes even if he/she knows that he/she is not loyal, that is yea, really blind. But since the betrayal is realized, thus it isn’t blind because no one noticed that but the victim. He/She sees the true color.

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