How To Look Smart On Your First Date For Men?

I know you have gotten your appointment for the very first date with your crush. Now, think about what you are going to get from your wardrobe. You have to give a good impression on your first date, guys. Your appearance from top to toe should be looking good. Now let’s get started.

Head – Get a haircut if you think your hair is long and uncomfortable to you. Make yourself look presentable with your hairstyle. That does not mean you have to get a rock star’s hairstyle. All you need is just to make sure that your hair looks tidy and neat. Apply some hair gel to style your hair, making yourself look fresher and confident.

Face – You have beard? Mustache perhaps? Go clear it. Shave it clean. You would not want to scare your girl off with a lion looking face, would you? Is there any obvious or overgrown hair from your nostril? This is one of the major turn off to your date, especially on the dining table or even when you sneezed. I don’t think I shall explain further. You know what to do about it all right.

Upper body – It depends on the function that you are attending to with your date. If you are not attending to any formal events, wear a nice clean casual tee. If you are attending to any formal event with her, wear a formal shirt. Iron your shirt well if it crumples. Spray some perfume or put on your cologne as well. You might smell a little if you were out for few hours. That depends if you walked much later on. Well, you wouldn’t know. Putting some effort in your appearance will do much to the impression you will be getting from her.

Lower body – It’s better to meet your date with long pants. Long pants make significant smart looking appearance. Get the matching pants with your top. You do not have to wear a yellow top with a red pant. Remember that colors do play important role in first impression i.e. player or a decent and reliable one. Be careful with it.

Shoe – No matter how well you have dressed up, if you wear a pair of slippers out for a date, you are gone. Wear a great pair of nicely polished shoes instead of slippers or a pair of worn out sports shoes. You will look great with nice pair of shoes, and that shows how much effort you’ve put in for this date. You might not be able to enter the restaurant that your date prefers with your slippers anyway. Don’t risk it.

Guys, any suggestion or fantastic input from you besides what is listed above? Do spill it out using the comment form below. Thanks

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  1. hehe, whats about the smell?

  2. how to look? hum. eye is just one of 5 human senses.
    to attract woman, smart man must excite all the senses.
    Like : smell: use Hugo for example.

  3. true also…that is a good point

  4. Sure, if not to a restaurant then gowns and dresses are to be marked off. I’m so for rather modest outfit!

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