How To Look Smart On Your First Date For Women?

Ladies, I know that you are so excited about it. Now that your date is just around the corner, have you decided on what to wear and how will you dress up on that special day? What? You want a makeover? Ladies, trust me. What you need to do is to have yourself well-groomed before going out for a date. Let’s check this out:

Head – Is your hair well-maintained? Do you think that you might need a hair dye? Perhaps a little trimming on the split ends? Or you prefer a new hairstyle? Talk to the hairstylist which suits you best. Hair does a lot to the look. It will either beautify you or gives you a bad hair day. Wash your hair before going for a date to make yourself feeling comfortable with it. I personally love my hair to feel fresh instead of feeling oily. A great hair boosts my confidence as well; at least I don’t get irritated with it.

Face – Take a look into the mirror. Is there anything you are unhappy about? Don’t worry. We have something called make-up which consists of makeup base, foundation, concealer, blush, lipstick, highlighter, powder, mascara etc. Put on some make-up before going out. Use concealer to hide spots, pimples, dark circles, perhaps even to highlight (if only you know how). There are no ugly women in the world, but the lazy ones. So put some effort on your face.

Upper body – What do you want to wear? What is in your mind? A dress? Or a hot tube? Ladies, this is your first date and you wouldn’t want your date to stare at your cleavage all night long, would you? Get a trendy yet not too much of exposing one. A classy and attractive top will do well. If you prefer a dress, then get a presentable one. A feminine and simple dress will look nice all day long. However, you can keep those real hot tops/dresses for the next few dates. Put on your favorite Anna Sui’s perfume before going out.

Lower body – If you are not getting a dress, get a suitable skirt or pants from your wardrobe. Make sure that your skirt or pant matches your top well.

Heels – Getting a pair of heels will make you look more feminine. However, it depends on whom you are dating with. If your date is about your height, don’t get a heel then. You will appear taller than him. It might be awkward to some, but there are also those who don’t mind about it. So well, don’t risk it. Wear flats if your date is about your height, and that’s just a suggestion. You can wear your heels and try it out.

Girls, any suggestion or fantastic input from you besides what is listed above? Do spill it out using the comment form below. Thanks

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  1. is this for girls comment or guys can comment too? XD
    Girls, no heavy make up! or you might scare your date away.
    No heavy perfume! you might choke your date to death.
    Double check your high heels, make sure it is strong, you dont wanna fall in any of your date.


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  2. ShinChan, well it is open for everyone..i believed guys input is also important for girls too…

    Hehe..i am agree with the perfume as sometimes have to check whether is the guy/girl allergic to any perfume or fragance :)

    well..if u fell in front of your date, it would be good too as you create opportunity for guys to care about you..or show a little concern… :)

  3. christy.yong says:

    Hi Shinchan :) There are two posts on how to look smart/beautiful on your first date. This is the one for women. But some of those points can be considered and modified for guys too :)Thanks for the additional info :)

  4. First time visiting this site. Any tips for shy guy? Feel real hard to break the ice sometimes.

    andrew’s last blog post..Finally the oil price came down to the level we can afford

  5. Andrew,

    Thanks for dropping for shy guy is an interesting topic too…will consider that topic..

    Don’t feel shy to break the ice, just treat it as normal conversation and just be yourself.. :)

    Good luck

  6. Hi Andrew! I’ve read your reply to the post above. Well, i know being a shy guy finds it hard to approach your crush at times. Just chill, be relaxed and try talking to your crush like how the way you used to do with the one you feel comfortable talking to. Look around you, and watch those guys asking the girls out etc. If they can do it, so can you, Andrew! It’s a matter of self confidence. Feel good about yourself and grab all you want from the world. Some might not be as attractive or as rich, but with the self confidence in them, people find them more attractive. It’s true.

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