How To Present Yourself On The First Date For Men – Part 2

5. Have a chat It is time to get to know more about her at this precious moment. Spend some time chatting, perhaps for 40 minutes to an hour. If there the conversation is going on well or both of you, you can extend the time (if only both of you have no rush for anything later). If either one of you feels a little awkward, proceed to the next plan.

6. Get the movie tickets Ask her if she has watched any movies lately. Bring her to the cinema and see if there is any movie that she prefers (do not jump into the horror movie thinking that she might hold your arms in the cinema). She might be ‘immunized’ and who knows, you might be the one hiding behind her shoulder. LOL.) And remember that this outing is all about knowing her better. You should be attentive to her and prioritize her preferences here. I am sure that you would not want to watch ‘kung fu’ genre while she is craving for endless romance one. It will be a really boring outing to her then.

7. Offer your jacket or your hands in the cinema – She might shiver or feeling really cold while watching a movie that lasts for two hours in the cinema. She might not show it to you, so be observant. Offer her your jacket and if she rejects, it is fine. If you do notice her rubbing her arms slightly, or shivering a little, cover her with your jacket carefully without asking for the 2nd time. She will not reject again this time. Trust me. If she leans towards you, offer your shoulder and hold her palms softly to keep her warm during the movie.

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  1. I suppose that girls bring jacket to the cinema because before I offer her my jacket, she already took out the jacket from her bag and wear herself.

    • Ah Hang, Christy is absolutely right. It is just a guide and if u know that she might have a jacket in her bag, make sure you make a faster move and give it to her. It is about alertness and speed. :) good luck

  2. christy.yong says:

    LOL. That was just a guide, Ah Hang :) Pay her attention then ;)

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