How To Present Yourself On The First Date For Men – Part 3

This will be the last discussion for this topic before proceeding to tips for women.

8. Let go her hands the movie endsPlease be reminded that you were holding her hands just to keep her warm, do not exaggerate it or she will feel awkward. It is just the first date! Let go her hands when the movie comes to an end and ask her how she feels at the end of the movie (ask her if she’s still feeling cold and how does she like the movie)

9. Snacks or another meal?If the movie ends by dinner time, ask her if she has any plans later (see if she is in a rush). If there is no plan, take her to a dinner. It is obvious that she will be hungry by then, unless she is on a diet program (she insists on not eating dinner, then go for snacks/drink). This is rather a good time to make her feel comfortable with you after few hours on the first date.

10. Send her home earlyYou are going out with someone’s daughter. You would not want them to get worried (even if she’s above 21). Sending her home early gives an impression that you are a responsible guy. Her parents will be glad if she is dating someone who cares about her safety out there. Even if she’s staying on her own, she knows all these basics and if she were to look for someone who has the husband material, she knows who to look for.

11. Say Thank You This is a must in a date. Say thank you to her and tell her how much you appreciate her spending time with you. If you are genuinely interested in her, tell her that you are looking forward to another outing soon and you are really happy with the plans today. Tell her that you will send her a message when you reach home so that she does not need to keep worrying your safety. Don’t forget to wish her good night and sweet dreams before you leave.

And this ends the discussion on crucial tips for men on their dating plans. Happy reading!

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  1. Going out for the 1st date man shud show protective sign. For example when entering a lift or going to a crowded place with people. this is to show how safe when she is with you too. XD

    ShinChan’s last blog post..Happy Birthday Katty

  2. christy.yong says:

    Yes, of course. If everything goes on well, the man should keep doing it too. Not only on the first date itself :)

  3. yes i argee. any man shud do that for as long as he is with her.

    ShinChan’s last blog post..Happy Birthday Katty

  4. christy.yong says:

    Yeah. You will surely apply well on those :)

  5. It should be at all times but not only on first dates…:)

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