How To Present Yourself On The First Date For Women – Part 1

Ladies, you’ve got a date with your crush! What are you going to do about it? Aren’t you happy?? Now stop jumping on your mattress. Here’s something to prepare you for the special date:

1. Send an SMS to your date Reconfirm your meet up with him about two hours before the meet up, just in case if he could prepare himself earlier to avoid the traffic. Ask him about the plan for the day/night; see if you both are going to have lunch/dinner together later. Show enthusiasm in the meet up.

2. Dress upOnce he has replied to you, go dress up and put on some makeup. It is important for a lady to look at her best in her date; giving a lasting first impression to the opposite gender. Men are more to visual. Remember that, ladies. However, don’t put on heavy makeup. A simple and natural-looking makeup will put you at your best. Many guys love that. Dress code- Do not expose too much of your body. Guys are more to visual, and some might have the wrong impression towards your meet up. Dress casual and presentable. You would not want to end up meeting a guy who just can’t keep his eyes off your boobs, would you?

3. Update himOnce you are done at home, SMS to him again to update that you are leaving home; tell him that you are on your way so that he doesn’t have the excuse to be later than you.

4. Check your makeup and dress again Go to the nearest washroom when you have reached your destination. Check if your dress/attire is looking good. Check if your makeup is all right, no smudges etc.

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