How To Present Yourself On The First Date For Women – Part 2

5. Show time!Meet your date now. Be confident with yourself and keep a smiling face. This is the time to impress your date. Proceed as planned.

6. Lunch/Dinner He is taking you to a meal now. Check the menu. Be polite and ask him what he would prefer from the menu. No matter what he chooses, remember to select food that cause less hassle to you. No much saucy food that will mess with your makeup. Choose a food that you can eat well. If you know that you can’t use a chopstick well, forget about noodles. You will end up making a fool of yourself. Use fork and spoon/knife will be safer.

7. Chat with him After enjoying a sumptuous meal, you can both have a chat. Don’t do this during the meal. He will have to struggle with the lobster while talking to you. Who knows, the lobster might just land on your plate! Finish up the food first before talking. Conversations are encouraged before and after your meal. Not during eating. Compliment about the meal. And let him pay the bills.

8. Movies? – Ask him if he has watched any movies recently. See if he is keen to go for a movie with you. If he’s keen for one, talk about the last movie you’ve watched (don’t have to mention if you have watched it with your ex. Keep your ex out of the topic). If he does not show any interest in movies, go ahead if he wants to take a stroll in a park or in the shopping complex. Perhaps doing a window shopping will good after a meal for both of you.

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